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Injuries NYers Can Expect If They’re Hit by a Car While Walking

Many New Yorkers walk to work, school, and other places around the city every day. Far too often, though, New York pedestrians are seriously injured by cars while walking. How often? Take a look at the facts: Every eight minutes, a pedestrian is injured. A pedestrian is killed every 113 minutes. Every year, over 60,000 pedestrians are injured and over 4,000 are killed in the U. S. Almost 40 percent of pedestrian fatalities involve a […]

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How New York Parents Can Protect Kids after a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle riding is a great activity for children. It helps them stay active and enjoy the outdoors, and it can give older children more independence as they use their bikes as a means of transportation. However, bike riding is also a common way for kids to sustain injuries. How common are bike riding injuries? Bicycle accidents account for about 500,000 emergency room visits annually, and about 300,000 of these injured cyclists are children. Worse, around […]

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As Asbestos Makes Comeback, a Reminder of Why It’s So Dangerous

In Russia, the city of Asbest is built around the largest asbestos-producing mine in the world. Nearly all of the town’s residents work in the mine, and oncologists in the tiny town see about 40-50 cancer patients per day, nearly all of whom are suffering from asbestos-related ailments. Interestingly, the mining company, Uralasbest, recently released boxes of product printed with Donald Trump’s face, stating on social media that “Donald is on our side!” Why? Well, […]

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What to Do If Your Child Is in a NY School Bus Accident?

Buses carrying students and commuters are commonplace, especially in New York. It’s no wonder, then, that buses are involved in about 63,000 crashes annually. Sadly, many of these crashes involve school buses or private carriers contracted to transport students. School bus accidents can run the gamut from minor fender benders to catastrophic accidents with serious injuries and even fatalities. Fortunately, accidents of this magnitude are relatively rare, but any school bus accident is traumatic for […]

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How New York Trucking Accident Cases Work

If you have been in a trucking accident in New York, you will need to prove several elements in your case to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. In this post, we’ll detail what you need to do to have a successful case against a trucking company. Types of Negligence in Truck Accidents To win a trucking accident case, your attorney will need to prove that another individual or entity was negligent in some […]

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New York Ferry Injuries Can Be Serious – Know Your Rights

Ferries in New York serve many purposes. Tourists take the ferry to navigate the rivers and enjoy a great photo opportunity. Commuters from New Jersey and surrounding areas depend on ferries to get to work on time. In fact, these days so many people want to take the ferry that the city has had to make an effort to increase the size of ferry boats and add more routes.   How many people?   Over […]

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NY DUI Accidents: How Someone’s BAC Level Impacts Their Driving

  Being hit by a drunk driver – it’s everyone’s worst nightmare. The thought that someone could so carelessly put your life at risk, just so they didn’t have to pay for a cab, get a rideshare, or use public transportation can be infuriating.   However, if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, it can be quite helpful if you decide to file a personal injury […]

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How Workplace Injury Compensation Works in New York

When an employee suffers an injury in the workplace, in addition to the physical pain and emotional distress, they also often encounter financial problems.   Treatment for the injury can result in high medical bills, and a serious injury may make the employee unable to work for an extended amount of time, resulting in lost wages. A debilitating injury may even affect the employee’s ability to work and earn income in the future.   A […]

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Product Liability in NY: The Three Ways Products Can Be Defective      

Have you been injured by a defective product? In this post, we’ll describe the three ways products can be defective and what you can do to receive compensation for your injuries.   Three Types of Product Liability Lawsuits   There are three different categories of product defects for which you can hold another party legally responsible if you suffer an injury. Here are the three types of product liability lawsuits in detail.   Design Defects […]

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Watch for These NY Heat Injuries That Can be Due to Negligence    

The heat can be deadly, causing people all kinds of injuries if they’re not careful. Below, we’re going to go over some of the most common types of heat-related injuries someone can suffer from.   If you get these types of heat injuries at work, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. Learn more about these injuries and what you can do according to New York law.   Common Heat Injuries and […]

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