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Safety Inspections on Subway Escalators Reveal Defects

In May of 2017, the New York City Comptroller released a report on the safety inspections on subway escalators for the New York subway system. The results were not pretty. Many of them had significant defects that required a shutdown of the escalator until it was repaired. Every year, about 10,000 people become injured in an escalator accident. Many of them are children. This is fewer than the 12,000 people who die in staircase falls […]

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Vehicle Stuck on Railroad Tracks Violates Railroad Rules

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 24, Uber driver Hugh James found himself in a life or death situation. While trying to cross in his Honda Accord over the railroad tracks near the Bethpage, Long Island Station, his car suddenly became stuck. With the help of a stranger, he tried to move his car off the tracks, but failed to do so before the train arrived. James was able to escape safely, but his […]

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Terrance Williams, DWI, and You

Police found Terrance Williams, Cowboys wide receiver, riding his motorized scooter after he fled the scene of a car accident around 4 am. According to police reports, Terrance Williams’ Lamborghini crashed into a light pole. However, Williams’ lawyer, Chip Lewis, contests this information, later stating that no pole was near the accident. Lewis continued, pointing out that Williams was not arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, but for Public Intoxication, unrelated to the accident. Had Williams […]

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Common Injuries Caused by Accidents: A Meniscus Tear

A knee can be injured in many different ways, in many different situations. One of the most common accident related knee injuries is a meniscus tear. The meniscus sits in the joint between the¬†femur (thighbone) and the tibia (shinbone). It is cartilage that provides a cushion for the bones, to balance weight evenly throughout the joint. It also provides stability, so the knee does not move too far side to side. When a tear occurs, […]

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