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car accident lawyersLet Our Experienced Stop Sign Accident Lawyers Explain Some of the Basic Things You Need to Know if You Were Injured in a Car Accident at a Stop Sign

All drivers have the same obligation at a stop sign – you must bring your car to a full and complete stop before proceeding through the intersection.  Here are some important things you need to know if you had a car accident at an intersection with a stop sign

What Are a Driver’s Obligations at a Stop Sign?

Under New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law, every driver must stop at the marked line on the surface of the roadway before entering the intersection at a stop sign. When there is no clearly marked stop line, a driver is required to stop before the crosswalk. When stopped, the driver should have full view of aproaching traffic in the intersection before entering the intersection.

After coming to a full and complete stop, the driver at the stop sign must yield the right of way to any other vehicles that are in, or closely approaching, the intersection. This means that the driver at the stop sign must remain at a full and complete stop, so as to allow other cars a safe opportunity to pass through the intersection.

The driver at the stop sign can proceed only when the intersection is clear — meaning, when there are no cars in, or closely approaching the intersection.  Additionally, the driver without the stop sign has a legal right to anticipate that the driver at a stop sign will wait for the intersection to clear before proceeding.

What If the Stop Sign is Hidden?

There are times when a stop sign can be partially or fully hidden by tree limbs, for example.  When this happens, a driver is still required to exercise reasonable care to avoid a collision.  This means that the driver must look and determine whether the intersection is clear before proceeding. | Ask Questions – Get Answers

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