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Hurt In An Elevator, On An Escalator, or Moving Walkway in the Bronx?

Bronx Elevator or Escalator Accident?

Lack of maintenance is the most common cause of elevator and escalator accidents. Let a Bronx elevator accident lawyer explain what you need to know to win your case.

Escalators and elevators are extremely common in Bronx apartment buildings, malls, stores and other public places. Escalators and elevators provide convenient and effective ways to travel within buildings.  Moving walkways, though less common, also provide easier and faster ways to get around, especially in airports. However, when any one of these devices malfunction serious injury can occur.  If you have been injured by one of these devices, here are few important things you need to know.

Were You Injured in a Bronx Elevator Accident?

Elevator accidents are usually caused by lack of proper maintenance.  When an elevator does not receive the upkeep or maintenance regularly, it can become dangerous and result in injury.  The most common elevator accidents include sudden stops, mis-leveling, doors opening and closing at inappropriate times, and elevator swaying between floors.

These can lead to fingers and extremities getting stuck in doors, tripping when exiting or entering an elevator, and falling due to sudden and unexpected movements.  Most elevators are equipped with surveillance video.  This type of evidence is often critical to proving your case.  Click here to find out more about elevator accidents.

Were You Injured in a Bronx Escalator Accident?

Escalator Accidents may seem rare, but when they do occur, they can cause serious injuries.  When an escalator is not maintained properly, it can malfunction and create a dangerous experience for the user.  Although New York does have many laws that regulate the installation and maintenance of escalators, injuries still do happen. Common injury causing incidents include: sudden changes in speed; debris and trash blocking the steps or combs of the device and broken escalator steps.  

A rider’s clothing can also become caught by the moving steps or handrail, causing a user to fall. When an accident does occur, it’s important to receive medical attention as soon as possible, if necessary. It is also important to gather any witness accounts as well as photographs and/or video of the incident and defective equipment.  Click here to find out more about escalator accidents.

Were You Injured in a Bronx Moving Walkway Accident?

Although moving walkways are most common in airports, the number of complaints from these walkways has been rising. If someone experiences an accident on a moving walkway, a claim can be made against those responsible for the maintenance and operation of the walkway. Moving walkway accidents can include trip and falls, clothing and fingers getting stuck in moving handrails, and debris blocking the combs of the device.

 After a moving walkway accident, be sure to seek immediate medical attention, if necessary.  Also, take pictures of the condition that caused your accident to document the problem with the equipment, before any repairs can be made.  Click here to find out more about common moving walkway accident cases.

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