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New York Pedestrian Accidents: Why Do They Occur?

New York seems perfectly conditioned for causing pedestrian accidents. Place thousands of motor vehicles and millions of pedestrians within roughly 31 square miles? Some accidents are inevitable. Still, every individual pedestrian accident is caused by something specific. Learning the causes of pedestrian accidents can help you avoid them and maybe prevent a tragedy. At the very least, you can minimize your liability in a pedestrian accident lawsuit. Reckless and Aggressive New York Drivers Can Make […]

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Injured by a Holiday Gift in NY? Get Compensation

Gifting is part of the holiday tradition for New York families. Both giving and receiving gifts from loved ones is a wonderful part of the season. Unfortunately, sometimes a product given as a gift does not function in the way that it should, which can result in serious injury. If you or a loved one are injured by a defective product, you may need to seek compensation for the injuries. This will not only lessen […]

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Sleet in the City Means Your Sidewalk Fall Could Be NYC’s Fault

New York is notorious for its wet winters. People slip and fall on snowy and icy surfaces all the time in this city. Much of the time, these falls are relatively harmless and don’t result in anything more than a bruise or a skinned knee. But what happens when a slip and fall accident causes a serious injury? When falls on slippery sidewalks occur because the owner of the property failed to clear the snow […]

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Decorating for the Holidays in New York? How to Avoid Injury

As soon as summer is over, it seems, folks start decorating for the holidays. Whether it’s for Christmas or Halloween, lights, yarn ornaments, and inflatables decorate our neighborhoods. While these decorations bring joy to many onlookers, you want to make sure their fun doesn’t equate to your pain! If you’re going to decorate for the holidays, be aware of the most common decorating snafus that lead to holiday injuries, and quick tips for avoiding them. […]

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Why Do LIRR Accidents Happen?

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is notorious for delays, crowded cars, and accidents. Just in the last year, there have been at least three incidents. Take the SUV caught between two LIRR train tracks in Westbury recently. Ultimately, the SUV ended up wedged between the two trains, catching fire. The SUV’s occupant was killed. Or the derailed LIRR after it was sideswiped by a working locomotive in Montauk. At the time, 32 passengers were aboard, […]

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Were You One of Many NYers to Get in a Turkey Day Crash? What’s Next?

Thanksgiving is a time to connect with family and celebrate the many things we’re lucky to have in our lives. Unfortunately, there’s an uptick in auto accidents every year at Thanksgiving…and a death toll of more than 400. According to the National Safety Council, thousands more are injured. The deadliest combination, as you would expect, is the increase in road travelers plus the increase in alcohol consumption. This set of circumstances leads to tragic fatalities […]

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4 Elements You Must Prove to Win Your NY Medical Malpractice Claim

The state of New York has seen some huge medical malpractice suits this year. We began 2019 with a ruling that granted over 255 patients over $140 million in damages. Later, a New York family filed a wrongful death claim asking for $50 million in damages after their daughter was killed in surgery to remove a cyst. Most recently, two separate hospital chains were subsequently ordered to pay millions for surgeons performing concurrent surgeries. You […]

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Bystanders Can Be Hurt By New York School Buses, Too

If you are a parent, you have no doubt worried about the safety of your little ones on school buses. However, school buses and MTA buses can injure bystanders, too. For example, an 83-year-old man walking in Queens was recently struck and killed by a school bus. He was trapped under the bus and killed almost instantly. As of the writing, the cause of the accident is unknown. If you or a loved one is […]

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NY Escalator Accidents: Who’s Most Likely to be Injured?

As kids, we remember hearing the admonitions from our parents about how dangerous escalators are. Most of us laughed them off, assuming our parents were just using the big, loud machine to scare us. It turns out that escalators actually can be very dangerous, though. According to the Center for Disease Control, escalator and elevator accidents injure about 17,000 Americans every year and kill about 30 people. You might want to know who is most […]

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Should New Yorkers Stop Letting Their Kids Play in Bounce Houses?

Every parent fears their child getting hurt. Despite taking every reasonable precaution, though, accidents are bound to occur. When they do, it’s usually in unsuspected ways. In an article earlier this year, we covered some of them. In this post, learn about one of the most prevalent of common injuries befalling children here in New York, and if your child becomes involved, what you can do next. Bounce House Child Injury Incidents Are Growing Bounce […]

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