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Coronavirus: What to Do When Your NYC Job Doesn’t Provide Sick Leave

Coronavirus has upended everyone’s lives. In New York City, paid sick leave rules for employers have existed since April 2014. Still, not all jobs are covered by New York City’s paid sick leave rules and with no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers must understand their rights under the law. Who Is Covered in New York? In New York City, paid sick leave is guaranteed to: Full-time employees Part-time employees Employees who are […]

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Rory’s Regulations Meant to Combat Sepsis in New York — It’s Working!

Rory Staunton, a 12-year old boy out of New York City, died from sepsis in 2012 after a cut he got on his arm at school lead to the deadly infection. In 2013, Rory’s Regulations were adopted in the state of New York, requiring all hospitals to follow evidence-based protocols for the early diagnosis of sepsis and its treatment. Sepsis is diagnosed in over 1.5 million people in the United States each year. Of those […]

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Passed Over for a Job Due to Your Hair? NY Law Calls It Discrimination

Three states currently have laws on the books that prohibit hair discrimination – California, New Jersey, and New York. Why do we need legislation specifically addressing hair, you ask? Because despite Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, courts have often overlooked racial discrimination based on the claimant’s appearance. We commonly see courts rule in favor of employers who rejected applicants based on something that has […]

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When Suicide Is Linked to Medical Malpractice in NY

Imagine this: Your loved one is seeing a doctor for treatment of a psychiatric condition, but only continues to get worse. When they commit suicide, you want answers and believe the doctor is culpable, so you sue – and you win. This is exactly what happened to a Long Island family whose loved one took his own life. They believe the doctor misdiagnosed him, failing to properly treat his condition, and possibly aggravating it with […]

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Injured While Walking on Spring Break in NY? You Have Rights

The Big Apple attracts more than 65 million tourists annually from all over the world. New York is a walking city, so if you’re here as a tourist, you’ll most likely see much of the city on foot. Unfortunately, the city is a chaotic place, and pedestrian injuries aren’t uncommon. Furthermore, when these injuries involve a vehicle from the road or a pedestrian knockdown, serious or even fatal, can occur. If you sustain a pedestrian […]

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Did You Name All Responsible Parties in Your NY Slip and Fall Claim?

In New York, it’s all too easy for negligence to lead to serious injuries. Especially in the winter, when the floors are wet, the sidewalks are icy, and the weather is against you. There are a lot of moving parts that need to coordinate in order to keep the city safe for everyone. Accidents happen, but everyone has the responsibility of making them easier to avoid. When you slip, fall, and injure yourself, sometimes it’s […]

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NY’s Wrongful Death Statute Almost Changed – Do You Know Why?

The American legal system has plenty of laws established more than a hundred years ago. These old laws usually remain on the books because they have been proven to work. Sometimes, though, old laws do need an update to remain relevant. That’s what New York lawmakers thought last year when they tried to change the state’s wrongful death statute. What a New York Wrongful Death Claim Looks Like Now Wrongful death lawsuits are designed to […]

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NYPD Pays $108 Million in Excessive Force and Other Misconduct Claims

Police departments are under heightened scrutiny these days, and oftentimes, it’s for good reason. There have been instances of inappropriate shootings, sexual misconduct, excessive force, dishonesty, and more. We can probably all think of at least one case locally in which an unarmed individual was shot and killed. Despite all of the bad publicity surrounding departments throughout the country, there is one department that takes the cake, and that’s the New York Police Department. Recent […]

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Time in Brooklyn’s MTA Bus Depot Likely Means Asbestos Exposure

Working is a necessary part of life and something we engage in almost every day. We trust our employers to adhere to health and safety standards and minimize the risks to our health. On the contrary, sometimes our workplaces pose the greatest threat to our health. Such was the terrifying reality for thousands of workers at one of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) bus depots. What’s worse – MTA bus depots don’t only expose employees […]

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Your NYC Landlord Owes You a Warranty of Habitability

Residential laws and regulations cover a wide range of your rights as an NYC renter. Because there are so many specific rules, it’s difficult for the average renter to familiarize themselves with all of them. Instead, most of us are aware of the most important concepts and only become familiar with the details when the need arises. The problem is, sometimes it’s tough to even know the right questions to ask and/or demands to make. […]

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