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Elevator / Escalator Accidents

Bronx, New York, Lawyers for Elevator Accident Victims


At the law offices of Macaluso & Fafinski, P.C., we have the knowledge and experience to assess your case involving personal injuries suffered on a malfunctioning elevator or escalator. Taking quick action after such an accident can be critical. Please contact us as soon as possible to explain what happened and discuss your legal options in a free consultation.



Calling on a Network of Qualified Experts and Investigators


If your injuries can be documented, we can often build a strong case for financial recovery after an elevator or escalator accident. Our attorneys are versed in the very specific requirements for timely, regular inspection and maintenance of this equipment, and we can immediately call on qualified experts, including elevator mechanics capable of determining specific causes of your accident.


Sudden Stop or Acceleration — Operating Failure — Negligent Maintenance


We are prepared to investigate injury-causing events including:


  • A sudden, jarring drop in an elevator or sudden stop on an escalator
  • A mislevel of an elevator, which creates a tripping hazard
  • Elevator doors closing on your body or limbs, typically due to a sensor malfunction
  • Malfunction of speed controls, steps in disrepair, or wet surfaces that can cause falls on an escalator


Your Case May Depend on Prompt Investigation


In a public, commercial, or apartment/residential setting, building owners are often both traffic-conscious and risk-aware when it comes to elevators and escalators. Repairs are often completed very quickly, adding to the importance of contacting an attorney promptly after your accident.


The sooner we can investigate, the more likely we can take action to establish a clear cause and set about proving liability for what happened to you. We have had success in these cases by using solid, credible experts and bringing key material — such as maintenance and billing records — into evidence.


As in all matters of personal injury, your first priority is getting any urgent medical attention you need after an elevator or escalator accident. If your injuries are significant, your next priority should be to contact an attorney with relevant experience to advise you and investigate your case.


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