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Number of NY Pedestrians Killed By Cars Is Increasing

In recent years, the number of pedestrians killed by cars in New York has been increasing at an alarming rate. From 2016 to 2019, pedestrian deaths rose from 115 to 132. That’s a staggering 14 percent increase – and it’s a trend that needs to be addressed. It doesn’t seem to be getting better, either. On Monday, January 23, a car in Astoria hit a woman after jumping a curb. This increase in pedestrian deaths […]

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Pedestrian Laws: What Are They in New York?

New York, particularly New York City, has a lot of pedestrians. Many people use the streets daily, both behind the wheel and on foot, so accidents are bound to occur, naturally. That’s why every person needs to understand what the pedestrian laws are in New York. Knowing what to do in the event of an accident is essential, since there are so many pedestrians on the streets. Do pedestrians always have the right of way? […]

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Slip and Falls in NY?

With winter in full swing, the short, cold days of the season bring rain, snow, and ice – all great recipes for slip-and-fall accidents. A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere, from outside your favorite restaurant to the right in your home. While many people think about slip-and-fall accidents that occur in public and their ramifications of them, not many think about what happens in a private home when a slip-and-fall occurs. Everyone must […]

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False Arrest in NY: What Are Your Rights?

Police misconduct has been an issue on many people’s minds for years. Yet when people think of police misconduct, they often imagine police officers physically injuring another person. The truth is that for misconduct to be perpetrated by police, no one needs to get hurt physically. False arrest is a police misconduct charge and often doesn’t include any physical injuries to the victim. Simply claiming that you get treated unlawfully and unfairly arrested violates your […]

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What Are Compensatory Damages and Should You Get Them?

For people who are injured through the negligence of others, there are many different kinds of relief available to help them. One of the things many people who are seriously injured pursue is something called compensatory damages. What are compensatory damages and who can get them? It’s a complex legal topic, but one worth understanding when you are seriously injured through no fault of your own. Keep reading to find out more about these very […]

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Who’s to Blame for Faulty Construction Equipment in NY?

When an accident occurs, it may not be easy to tell who is to at the start – especially when the accident takes place on a busy construction site. Ultimately, various people or organizations may be to blame for your accident, from the employer who didn’t fix a ladder to the manufacturer of the ladder who made a faulty product. Having an attorney with the knowledge and experience you can count on to guide you […]

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Construction Site Falls in NY: Who Is Responsible?

It goes without saying that falls are dangerous. They can cause severe injury, pain, and even death. In New York, they are one of the most common fatal injuries sustained by those who work in construction. If you or someone you love works in New York’s bustling construction business, it’s vital to understand what a fall can mean for your future and your rights. Here is what you need to know about New York construction […]

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NY Workplace Burn Injuries: What You Need to Know

Construction is one of the most dangerous professions a person can work in, and many workers suffer injuries on the job site each year – including burn injuries. Burn injuries on the job can be minor, requiring only first aid to treat. But sometimes, severe burns can be suffered that put a person’s life in danger and can result in death. Have you been burned on a NY construction site? You have options to get […]

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NY Construction Sites: The Dangers of Explosions

Construction sites in New York are dangerous places. They present a variety of equipment and devices that are dangerous if not operated correctly, including explosives. Fires and explosions may sound like a far-fetched thing to worry about on a construction site, but the truth is that they happen more than you may think. Many of the injuries that occur on construction sites each year are the result of explosions and fires. Here’s what you need […]

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Injured in a NY Scaffolding Accident? What to Know

Construction is one of the most physically demanding jobs out there. It also happens to be one of the most dangerous. Construction workers are injured on the job every year in large numbers due to various causes. One of those causes is scaffolding. If you got injured in a scaffolding accident in New York, it’s vital to understand the process and what you are entitled to. Read on to find out what you need to […]

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