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Has Someone You Love Suffered a TBI in NY? Know the Signs

Every year, 1.4 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This severe injury can be permanently disabling — or even fatal. Sadly, the injury is also preventable. Many people do not notice the symptoms of a TBI, or brush them off as being flustered or “shell-shocked” from the causative accident. In today’s post, we cover how to recognize the symptoms in yourself or loved ones, and the basics of filing a claim, so that […]

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Birth Injuries New York Parents Should Watch For

When a baby becomes injured during the birthing process, the newborn is said to have suffered a birth trauma or injury. Many of these injuries are common, but thankfully nearly all of them heal or correct themselves quickly with no further issue. However, not every birth injury does. Some can leave your child weak, or facing physical or mental limitations. In this post, we share four of the more dangerous birth injuries that can occur […]

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NYC Construction Deaths Highlight Lack of Worker Safety

Construction is a dangerous job. Everyone knows this, but unfortunately our city has been reminded of this fact in a big way recently. Between the days of April 8 and April 13, three men on three separate New York City job sites died as they worked. The news of these deaths have forced officials throughout the city to reflect on the current safety laws… and how they are not being properly enforced. If construction workers […]

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Did you Have a Bike Accident in a NYC Bike Lane?

At the end of 2018, 20.9 miles of protected bike lanes were added to NYC streets. Despite over 170 miles of bike paths, bike lanes and Greenways in the Bronx, cyclists are still being hit. In 2017, there were over 450 bicycle accidents in the Bronx. Take the example of Carlos Vasquez. He was killed last year while riding his bike on Webster Avenue. A box truck driver struck him late in the evening and […]

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Elevator Misalignment Accident Injury

In February, Ivo Nikolic, the director of elevator safety and operations for a NYC public housing system, was suspended due to a 2015 elevator incident. This accident took place in a Bronx apartment where eighty-four year old Olegario Pabon tripped on the mis-leveled floor of the elevator. The cause of this elevator misalignment was a faulty brake monitor. Pabon ended up falling into the elevator, which was uneven to the floor, and cracked his head […]

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Gear That Can Protect You from New York Bicycle Injuries

Even if you’re a native New Yorker or you’ve been biking your whole life, cycling in the city can be straight-up terrifying. At least 26 bikers were killed by motorists in 2017 alone. That’s the bad news. Want some good? Protective gear can help you reduce injuries, and the right gear might even save your life. Before you ride, make sure you have all of your safety gear ready to wear and use. What should […]

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The Dangers of NY Boating, and What to Do after an Accident

Spring is finally here, and summer is just around the corner. This means that many New Yorkers will be preparing to hit local waterways in their boats. Although boating is an enjoyable summer pastime, it can also be quite dangerous. Around 15-20 boaters are killed in New York annually, and many more sustain serious and debilitating injuries. Worse, the number of boating fatalities is increasing. Unfortunately, the great majority of boating accidents occur due to […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury: A New York Slip and Fall Worst Case Scenario

When most people think of traumatic brain injury (or TBI), they imagine active duty soldiers coming home from war zones. Or maybe professional athletes like football and hockey players who routinely bash their helmets together. Statistics, on the other hand, show that the leading cause of brain injuries is something quite different: slip-and-falls. That’s right. BrainLine, a national multimedia project focused on brain injury awareness, reports that nearly half of all brain injuries in the […]

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Police Violence in New York: What People are Doing to Change It

Police brutality has become a major topic on a national scale, and for good reason. In 2018, there were 998 people across the country who were shot and killed by police. Many of those deaths were likely justified – but all of them? The use of force is left largely to the discretion of police officers. Although force is sometimes necessary for safety reasons, statistics clearly show that police are much more likely to use […]

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Were You Injured in a Ceiling Collapse as a NYCHA Tenant?

New York City Housing Authority or NYCHA tenants of a Morrisania complex in the Bronx have been dealing with a roofing issue for the past couple of months. This problem has resulted in many other incidents. Some tenants are struggling with major leaks. A ceiling collapse even forced one family out of their apartment indefinitely. Other issues include cold temperatures in the entire building and damp mail. Many tenants have complained to NYCHA, but they […]

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