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6 Injured When a Car Crashed into a Chelsea Deli – Who’s Responsible?

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6 Injured When a Car Crashed into a Chelsea Deli – Who's Responsible?


Auto accidents are commonplace in New York, and can often result in serious injury. These crashes are particularly dangerous when pedestrians or cyclists are involved, as these victims are unprotected so are more vulnerable to injury.


Case-in-point: six people were recently injured in Chelsea when a car slammed into a deli. A yellow-cab taxi was headed north when it T-boned a Hyundai with livery plates. A mother was pinned between the hood of the Hyundai and the deli while her son stood by, horrified by the multi-car accident.


Because the accident involved two for-hire vehicles, a number Continue Reading

How NY Construction Workers Get Hurt on the Job

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How NY Construction Workers Get Hurt on the Job


The construction industry is a dangerous one in which to work, and many construction workers are injured every year in New York. In this post, we’ll detail the most common reasons for construction injuries and tell you what to do if your workers’ compensation coverage isn’t satisfactory.


Common Reasons for Construction Site Injuries


One out of every 10 construction workers is injured each year. Why? All kinds of reasons.


Falls. The number one reason for construction injuries. Falls from roofs, scaffolding, and ladders are common and can cause significant injury or death. Falling on stairwells or Continue Reading

Here’s Why Most Burn Injuries Happen in New York

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Here's Why Most Burn Injuries Happen in New York

Recently, a fire started on the first floor of an apartment building around 10:40 p.m. in Long Island City. Eight people were injured, including one with serious injuries.


What happened?


One resident said a “wall of smoke” was near her door, and another resident said the smoke prevented her from exiting down the hall.


Firefighters responded to the call and worked on rescuing a man who was unable to move. The man was trapped by clutter and was taken to the emergency room with serious burns.

Officials are now investigating the cause of the fire. Continue Reading

How Opioid Injury Lawsuits Work in New York

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How Opioid Injury Lawsuits Work in New York


Major manufacturers of opioids are facing class action suits across the country and here in New York. The claims say that several major manufacturers were negligent and deceptive in their marketing and distribution of opioids, arguing that knew the drugs were unsafe and misrepresented the risks.


Among the claimants are the states of New Mexico and Michigan, as well as the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, which says that American Indians have experienced many detrimental effects from opioid use.


In our state, several counties are seeking compensation and punitive damages. Lewis County has seen a three-fold increase Continue Reading

Types of Damages in a NY Dental Malpractice Claim

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Types of Damages in a NY Dental Malpractice Claim


Just like doctors and others in the medical professions, dentists can make mistakes with patients. Sometimes these mistakes rise to the level of malpractice.


If you have suffered due to your dentist’s negligent or reckless actions, it may be worth thinking about filing a malpractice suit against them. Below we’re going to dive into what a dental malpractice claim looks like, focusing on what kinds of damages you can actually sue for.


What Kinds of Things Constitute Dental Malpractice


As with medical malpractice, dental malpractice is when a dental provider violates the accepted standard of care Continue Reading