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Your NY Coronavirus Liability Claim Just Became Harder to Prove

COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly across the country. It has placed a huge demand on healthcare resources. In this environment, one might expect medical malpractice claims to skyrocket, but the truth is that many protections have been introduced that may make liability claims much more difficult to prove. Here’s what you need to know about possible medical malpractice claims during and after this pandemic and how they may especially impact any New York liability cases […]

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Virtual Urgent Care: A Way for New Yorkers to Document Injuries

In New York, finding medical care for an injury or illness not related to COVID-19 can be a challenge. It may be difficult to secure an appointment and going to an appointment can put your health in jeopardy – but it’s not your only option. Virtual Urgent Care is easy and convenient, but if you think your illness or injury could be a part of a personal injury case down the road, there are some […]

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Can NYC Residents Who Caught COVID-19 in Their Apartment Sue?

The coronavirus pandemic has people around the country fearful of coming down with the virus. In New York City especially, one of the hardest-hit cities around the world, people are doing everything they can to stay safe. People are being told to stay in their homes, but what if your home is in the same building as tens or hundreds of others? What if your home becomes a danger due to their choices? With over […]

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Inexperience: The New Cyclist Safety Hazard on New York Streets

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed some interesting phenomena. From less air pollution to dolphins frolicking in empty cruise ports, the landscape of the world has changed in many ways because of the pandemic – and one of those is more cyclists on the streets of New York City. Many people are trading in public transportation for two wheels and taking the streets on bicycles to get where they need to go. While this change isn’t […]

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Were You Falsely Arrested in New York? You Have 90 Days to File Claim

Being arrested without legal justification can be a frightening experience for anyone. If this has happened to you or someone you know, then you may be wondering whether the arrest was lawful. The truth is that being arrested isn’t something that can be done without cause and there are both federal and state laws that protect New Yorkers from false arrest. In order to protect yourself and those you love, it’s essential to understand what […]

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Injured on an NYC One-Person Train Operation? How It Changes Your Case

The city’s efforts are an attempt to maintain services in order to help health care workers and those that operate essential businesses get where they need to be as safe as possible. One tactic in their strategy is paring down to one-person train operations. What essential workers need to remember as they risk their lives traveling to and from work: Train accident liability laws are still in full effect. These laws are meant to protect […]

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Even in a Pandemic, NY Nursing Homes Have a Duty to Protect Residents

Having a relative in a nursing home is hard enough without worrying if they will get sick from coronavirus. As a result, extreme measures are being put into place in facilities all over the country to keep our aging loved ones safe. AARP shared recently, for instance, that one of the biggest challenges nursing homes are facing is keeping residents from contracting the virus. So limiting outsiders from entering nursing homes is one of the […]

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FTC Expects Check Fraud While Waiting for Coronavirus Relief in NYC

The coronavirus pandemic has put the US, and indeed much of the world, at an economic standstill. Many Americans are feeling the financial burden of this pandemic, whether through lost wages, lack of child care, or simply stocking up on groceries. Fortunately, the Trump administration has proposed the idea of sending cash payments to Americans as part of a stimulus package. That said, it takes an act of Congress – literally – before this can […]

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Coronavirus: What to Do When Your NYC Job Doesn’t Provide Sick Leave

Coronavirus has upended everyone’s lives. In New York City, paid sick leave rules for employers have existed since April 2014. Still, not all jobs are covered by New York City’s paid sick leave rules and with no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers must understand their rights under the law. Who Is Covered in New York? In New York City, paid sick leave is guaranteed to: Full-time employees Part-time employees Employees who are […]

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Rory’s Regulations Meant to Combat Sepsis in New York — It’s Working!

Rory Staunton, a 12-year old boy out of New York City, died from sepsis in 2012 after a cut he got on his arm at school lead to the deadly infection. In 2013, Rory’s Regulations were adopted in the state of New York, requiring all hospitals to follow evidence-based protocols for the early diagnosis of sepsis and its treatment. Sepsis is diagnosed in over 1.5 million people in the United States each year. Of those […]

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