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Bronx Nursing Home Lawyer

Was Your Family Member Injured In a Bronx Nursing Home?

The care received in a nursing home can sometimes cause painful injuries to those already compromised. Call a Bronx nursing home lawyer if you believe your loved one was injured in a nursing home.

Nursing Home Negligence

The decision to move a loved one into an assisted living or nursing home is not easy because it requires you to entrust the well-being of your family member to the home and its workers.  When you do this, you expect that your mother, father or other family member will be in a safe, clean and medically attentive environment.  This expectation is reasonable because so many of these patients suffer with physical illness or mental disability and can no longer care for themselves.

Unfortunately, however, there are times when a nursing home is negligent in the care of these vulnerable patients resulting in medical or emotional harm, physical trauma and sometimes even wrongful death.

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When Is A Nursing Home Negligent?

A nursing home is negligent when it does not provide a level of “reasonable care” that ensures a safe environment for its residents.  “Reasonable care” in this context, means the degree of caution that a reasonably prudent caretaker would use under the same circumstances.  In addition, nursing home staff are required to comply with many very specific statutory laws that are designed to protect nursing home residents from harm.   Some common situations that can give rise to nursing home negligence claims, include:

  • Bedsores, which develop when one area of the body experiences too much pressure for an extended period of time, causing muscle tissue loss;
  • Accidental Falls, which can lead to serious injury or death;
  • Malnutrition and Dehydration, which causes weight loss and weakens the victim;
  • Sexual Abuse, usually shown by marks on the victim, unexplained sexually transmitted disease, torn or bloodied clothing, mood swings, and emotional withdraw;
  • Financial Abuse and Exploitation, evidenced by changes in a resident’s Last Will and Testament or large withdrawals from bank accounts; and
  • Wrongful Death.

Usually, multiple symptoms of neglect are evident at the same time. It is common for a resident who is malnourished to also have bedsores, for example. In addition to these, any inexplicable injury raises a red flag for inappropriate behavior. If you notice any of these symptoms, or any other sign that the nursing home is not acting responsibly, contact our experienced nursing home attorneys as soon as possible.

Bronx Nursing Home Lawyer |

If you or a family member was a victim of nursing home negligence, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys for more information by calling (800) 762-9300 or by email.   You can also fill out a case intake form, and we will have one of our attorneys get right back to you.

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