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Brooklyn Injury Attorneys Who Handle All Kinds of Accident Cases


Ask any Brooklynite and they will tell you: our borough is always bustling.


Brooklyn Accident Attorneys

But all of that hustle and bustle can lead to a wide variety of problems. Falls that occur when property owners ignore maintenance. Motor vehicle accidents caused by reckless drivers. Construction injuries for any number of reasons. And much, much more.


One of the biggest issues plaguing Brooklynites over the last several years is the terrifying number of medical mistakes that have occurred in area facilities. A misdiagnosis at Brooklyn Hospital Center led to a mother of three losing her hands and feet. Delayed treatment by Coney Island Hospital allegedly cost a man his leg. And, perhaps most shockingly, the Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center was reportedly facing over 100 separate malpractice suits.


No one who has suffered an injury caused by the negligence of others should have to pay for their mistake, but all too often, that is what happens.


Some people decide to handle the issue themselves by working with insurance companies. They may end up accepting lowball payouts that do not even cover their expenses, because they are not sure what else to do.


Others take a step in the right direction by hiring a lawyer and filing an injury claim. But they mistakenly choose someone who does not have a track record of success handling their particular type of accident or injury.


This is incredibly important, because under New York’s personal injury laws, no two types of injury cases work exactly the same way. Deadlines differ. The statute of limitations varies. So does the type of evidence required to prove your claim and even the people and organizations that might be involved.


That is why we make sure the injury attorneys at Macaluso & Fafinski have experience in all kinds of personal injury cases. If one of our skilled lawyers has not handled a case like yours before, we always make sure that you are paired with someone who has.


Common Brooklyn Accident Cases We Know How to Win


Common Brooklyn Accident Cases We Know How to Win

In our years helping Brooklynites to battle against negligence and make our borough safer, we have successfully litigated all kinds of accidents. Some of the most common include injuries related to:


Asbestos and Mesothelioma. The horrible effects of asbestos exposure have been public knowledge for years now, but many employers knew about them long before that and kept the information from their workers.


Anyone dealing with injuries caused by exposure to asbestos from their job or workplace should be compensated. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms now, it is worth getting checked out if you know that you work or worked around asbestos. Many people do not realize they have a problem for years because the condition can take a decade or more to manifest.


Automobile Accidents. All kinds of different things can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Driver error or recklessness. Defective parts. Poor road conditions. And on and on.


We have handled every type of automobile accident claim imaginable and understand what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.


Construction Accidents. Everyone knows that working in construction can be dangerous. It requires using huge, heavy equipment, and our bodies are just amazing fragile in comparison.


Most of the time, accidents in construction fall under clearly defined workers’ compensation laws. But not always. When employers, contractors, and others fail to provide a safe workplace, you need to sue to make sure you are fairly compensated.


Dental Malpractice. Dentists are supposed to be experts at their craft, but sometimes mistakes happen. And when they do, people can find themselves in agonizing pain or forced to deal with a serious disfigurement.


Dentists have a duty of care to their patients. If a dentist’s negligence led to a severe dental error, you owe it to yourself to fight back.


Drug and Pharmaceutical Liability. Pharmacists who accidentally hand out the wrong pills to a patient. Drug companies that neglect to put proper warnings on labels. If you experience one of these horror stories, we can help.


Our lawyers have successfully battled individual doctors and pharmacists, large medical facilities, drug companies, and others to get our clients needed compensation.


Elevator and Escalator Accidents. Elevators and escalators are a necessary part of life for Brooklynites, and most of the time, we pay little attention to them. But when an accident occurs, who is to blame?


At Macaluso & Fafinski, we have successfully litigated a number of these types of cases and know how to help you not just determine fault, but prove it.


False Arrest and Excessive Force. Being a New York cop has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. But that does not excuse rights violations and improper behavior that leads to injury – or worse.


Keep the NYPD honest. If you or someone you love is hurt by the police, fight back with Brooklyn injury lawyers who know how to stand up to law enforcement.


Medical Malpractice. Most people do not realize this, but medical mistakes actually cause the 3rd most deaths in our country. By some accounts, that ranking is even higher!


We tend to put doctors and other medical professionals on a pedestal, and rightly so, but that does not mean they are infallible. At Macaluso & Fafinski, we know how to hold doctors, hospitals, and others accountable and make sure you get compensated for what you have suffered.


Premises Liability Attorney

Premises Liability. Slip and falls. Heavy objects that slide off shelves or crash down from the ceiling. Property owners are legally required to keep their property in a safe condition and make sure people are notified about any dangers that do exist.


Unfortunately, some owners can be neglectful. When this neglect leads to injury, we can help you protect your rights.


Product Liability. Just as property owners have to keep their buildings safe, those who make and sell products must ensure that those products are as safe as possible. And if there are any potential dangers, they have to warn people about them.


But sometimes mistakes happen and defective products make their way onto our shelves. If you are injured by one of them, we know how to help you get compensation.


Railroad Liability Lawyer

Railroad Liability. Railroad accidents tend to be fast, furious, and incredibly severe. Those who work for the railroad industry are covered under FELA, but understanding how to use it to get the compensation you deserve is a complicated task.


Luckily, it is also one that we are quite familiar with, having helped numerous clients in these types of cases.


Work Accidents. Accidents related to work are complicated. Many people do not want to go up against their bosses and coworkers because they fear retribution.


We can help to not only get you the compensation you need and deserve, but protect you throughout the process.


Wrongful Death. Suing for wrongful death is not about getting money for your loved one’s death. A wrongful death lawsuit is about fighting for needed compensation to support your family. And it is about shining a light on bad practices, so hopefully no one else will lose their loved one in a similar way.


Start Working with Brooklyn Injury Attorneys with an In-Depth Understanding of the Law Today


Brooklyn Injury Lawyer

Macaluso & Fafinkski has been helping people just like you in Brooklyn to get the compensation they are owed for years.


Our injury lawyers are well-versed in New York injury law. We have handled pretty much every type of personal injury case you can imagine. And we know the people and organizations most likely to be involved in cases in the borough, because we have worked with insurers big and small. With local companies, lawyers, and judges. And time and again, we have been able to get fair and just compensation for our clients.


But in order for one of our experienced lawyers to get started, you have to reach out to us first. Once you do, we can review your case and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the viability of your lawsuit and what options are available to you. And when you hire us, you can relax and finally put your focus where it should be – on recovering.


Getting in touch is easy. Simply fill out our case review form online, email, or give one of our three offices in New York a call:


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