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Foot Injury Lawyer Bronx, Foot Injury Attorney Brooklyn

Our Experienced foot Injury Lawyers can help you if you hurt your foot in an accident.

Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Explain Some Important Things You Need To Know If You Hurt Your Foot In An Accident

The foot has 26 bones and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, making it one of the most flexible parts of the human anatomy. This complex combination of supporting structures helps to keep the body in balanced motion.  The foot is commonly injured in car accidents and premises liability accidents.  If this has happened to you, here are some basic things you should know.

The Anatomy of a Healthy Foot

There are three sections of the foot, the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot.   Each section contains a set of bones in addition to the muscles, tendons and ligaments which run the length of the foot. The tarsal bones are located just below the ankle. Beneath the tarsals, the arches of the foot are formed by the angle of the bones in conjunction with the support of the tendons. The arches facilitate walking and other types of movement through absorbing shock. The tarsals then attach to metatarsals which in turn lead to the phalanges, or toes. In the back of the foot, the heel and ankle bones, calcaneus and talus, support the leg. The ankle joint allows the foot to move up and down, while the subtalar joint between the ankle and the heel allows the foot to move side to side. Muscles in the lower calf connect to the foot through the Achilles tendon. These leg muscles are responsible for a majority of the foot’s movement.

Common Foot Injuries Caused by Accidents

Foot injuries are common when the foot is in an awkward position and hit with force.  There are many different types of fractures of the foot, some of which are more serious than others.  However, usually any broken bone in the foot is enough to cause pain, and an inability to walk because of the weight bearing function of the foot.  There are also many other types of foot injuries including ligament tears and ruptured tendons.

Treatments For Your Foot Injury

The majority of fractures in the foot are treated with a cast and rest.  This is effective treatment for most foot injuries.  At times, however, surgery may be necessary to manage the injury. | Ask Questions – Get Answers

If you have any questions concerning the accident that caused your foot injury, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys by email or calling (800) 762-9300.  You can also get started by simply filling out one of our case intake forms, and we will have one of our attorneys get right back to you.

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