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New York City Elevator Accident Attorneys and Escalator Accident Attorneys

Elevator or Escalator Accident?

Elevators and Escalators, like any mechanical device, require maintenance. Learn your rights if you were hurt by a device that was not properly maintained.

New York City Elevator Accident Attorneys and Escalator Accident Attorneys 

New York City has a wide variety of elevators and escalators.    From the older elevators found in buildings on the lower east side, to the modern elevators installed in Times Square, every elevator must be regularly maintained to function properly. This is also true of all of the escalators that are found in New York City.  Regardless of the age or type of equipment, the law requires that this type of equipment be inspected, maintained, and repaired on a regular basis.  When this is not done and injury results, contact our experienced New York City elevator accident attorneys for help

Common New York City Elevator Accident Cases

Sudden stops are one of the most common type of elevator accidents.  The average speed of many elevators is around 22 mph, though some can go as fast as 40 mph in modern skyscrapers.  You’ve  probably had to make a sudden stop in a car at that speed and felt the seat belt hold you back.  Elevators don’t have that option.  A sudden stop can make you fall and cause injuries.  In fact, injuries to the hips, knees and back are common in these types of accidents.

Similarly, elevators that sway can also cause an injury.  Faulty programming or timing mechanisms can also cause an elevator to stop in the wrong spot, causing a tripping hazard for people trying to get on or off the elevator.  Door sensor issues are another problem that can cause injury.  Elevator doors are supposed to detect when something is in the way and open.  When these sensors fail, the door can close on an arm or leg and trap it.  Hand, arm and shoulder injuries can result from door closing accidents.

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Common New York City Escalator Accident Cases

Every year, about 10,000 people are injured in escalator accidents.  Many of them are children.  There are two main ways that escalators injure riders.  This first is that they cause the rider to fall down or off the escalator.  The second is by trapping the rider.  Most injuries are due to the first cause, though the second gets a lot of attention in the news because of the severe trauma it can cause.  Partial or complete loss of body parts is not uncommon in entrapment cases.

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Common New York City Moving Walkway Accident Cases

Moving walkways are far less common than elevators and escalators, but they can be dangerous as well.  They are the long, flat conveyor belts that people stand on that helps cover a long distance in a shorter period of time, usually found in airports. These devices can create tripping hazards when there are defects at the beginning and end of the device known as the comb.

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If you have any questions about your elevator, escalator or moving walkway accident, contact our experienced accident attorneys for a free consultation by email, or calling (800) 762-9300. You can also get started by simply filling out one of our case intake forms and we will have one of  our attorneys get right back to you.