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Bronx Lack of Security Lawyer


Learn About a Property Owner’s Obligation To Have a Safe Premises

The law requires that property owner’s keep their buildings safe from dangerous conditions, including criminal activity. Learn what you can do if the landlord fell short of this important obligation.

Its no secret that security is used to protect both property and people and can take many forms. Security methods can range from a simple lock on a door, to a team of security personnel who are formally trained to protect the public.  When security falls below acceptable standards, and injury results, there may be a basis for a legal claim.

What is a Negligent Security Case?

The law requires property owners and businesses to keep people on their property reasonably safe from foreseeable criminal acts.  To do this, building and business owners use different types of security measures, depending on the likelihood and risk of criminal activity.   These measures can range from a simple lock on the front door of an apartment building to a full staff of security personnel at, for example, a known rowdy bar.

Ultimately, property owners are required to keep their premises reasonably safe from foreseeable risks that can be dangerous to people using the property.   While there are no specific rules that set out the exact type of security that is necessary in any given circumstance, the general rule is simple:  the law requires owners to have greater security measures as the risk of criminal activity increases.

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How Do You Prove (and win) a Negligent Security Case?

Proving a negligent security case requires proof that it was “foreseeable” that the premises was at risk for criminal behavior.  Proving criminal behavior usually requires proof that the location had a history of criminal activity.  This can be established by:

  • Police reports documenting prior criminal activity at the same location
  • Statements of witnesses familiar with prior criminal activity at the location
  • Other lawsuits filed as a result of criminal activity

In addition, you must demonstrate that the owner failed to take reasonable measures to prevent the incident in light of the history of criminal activity.   However, property owners are not legally required to prevent every crime that may occur on their property.  Instead, the law only requires that owners take reasonable measures to prevent foreseeable problems that may occur. | Ask Questions – Get Answers

If you have any questions concerning negligent security, contact our experienced negligent security accident attorneys by email or calling (800) 762-9300 for a free consultation.  You can also simply fill out one of our case intake forms and one of our attorneys will get right back to you.

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