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Who’s to Blame for Faulty Construction Equipment in NY?

When an accident occurs, it may not be easy to tell who is to at the start – especially when the accident takes place on a busy construction site. Ultimately, various people or organizations may be to blame for your accident, from the employer who didn’t fix a ladder to the manufacturer of the ladder who made a faulty product. Having an attorney with the knowledge and experience you can count on to guide you […]

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The Main Causes of NY Construction Accidents

Anyone who currently works or has worked in construction knows that it’s a risky profession. Working on high-rise buildings and operating heavy and dangerous machinery comes with the job, but it also brings risks that people in other professions simply don’t have to be concerned about. Construction work can and does lead to serious accidents. Injuries from these accidents can change the trajectory of your life permanently, so it’s a good idea to understand what […]

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NY No Stranger to Construction Accidents, But United Crane Different

If you’re a New Yorker, you know that the city is always under construction. Although the New York Department of Buildings (DOB) has rigorous regulations that keep construction accidents to a minimum, these incidents are still commonplace by virtue of the sheer volume of construction in New York. Some accidents can’t be avoided, but from time to time, builders do cut corners to increase profits and keep up with extensive demand. Unfortunately, this leads to […]

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Why So Many Accidents Happen at NY Construction Sites

Construction sites aren’t just a pain to walk around or a slowdown on your daily commute – they pose serious risks to passersby and the employees at the site. How serious? Construction accidents take hundreds of lives each year and injure many more. Compared to other industries, construction is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Just take this incident from November. A 44-year old construction worker was killed after a falling object hit […]

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