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Pedestrians Need to Watch Out Over the Holidays in NY

The holidays are associated with many things, from amazingly decorated trees to sales to spending precious time with friends and family. But one thing that is unfortunately associated with holidays in New York is injuries, especially to pedestrians. In New York, pedestrians are everywhere. They’re often distracted, as well as drivers, which leads to more accidents. That’s why if you’re planning on doing some of your holiday shopping in the city, it’s a good idea […]

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If You’re in a NY Accident as a Pedestrian, What Should You Do?

Pedestrian accidents happen every day across the United States, and NY is no exception. According to the New York State Department of Health, injuries to pedestrians are among the top 10 leading causes of injury-related hospital admissions and death for almost all age groups In New York State. Approximately 300 pedestrians are killed and 15,000 are injured by motor vehicles each year on New York roadways, and more than 3,000 pedestrians are admitted to the […]

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