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There Are Serious Risks Attached to Testosterone Therapy

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There Are Serious Risks Attached to Testosterone Therapy


A dip in testosterone can have serious effects on a man’s personality, besides the obvious dip in sex drive. Men who have experienced low testosterone, known as “Low T,” may also experience low energy and desire in general. Because of this, many men turn to testosterone therapy in order to get themselves back on their feet.


The only problem is, this testosterone therapy may cause more trouble than it’s worth. Just ask the thousands of men who have filed federal lawsuits after severe cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks.


Recent Study Shows Spike in Artery Plaque after Taking Testosterone


At the end of March, clinical trials released results from a yearlong study of testosterone therapy. The study looked at 790 men aged 65 or older who had below-average testosterone levels. Half of the men received testosterone gel, and the other half got a placebo.


The results were not surprising to lawyers and doctors who have seen patients suffer after testosterone therapy. Images showed that the men who were treated with testosterone had greater buildups of noncalcified plaque in their coronary arteries.


This plaque increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. In 2014, five men filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of AndroGel due to heart attacks and strokes. These findings are similar to those in past studies of testosterone use, including one that had to be stopped because the participants were experiencing dangerous side effects.


Is Your Testosterone Therapy “Off-Label” Use?


Testosterone Therapy Injury Lawyer Bronx NY


You may have seen commercials advertising testosterone therapies and gels like AndroGel and Fortesta. A lot of men have. The commercials advertise solutions for lower libido and energy.


Men over the age of 40 should be aware of falling testosterone levels, but should understand that this process is normal. Only about 15% of men aged 65 and over have the low levels of testosterone that were tested on in the trial (275 nanograms/deciliter of blood).


The FDA has only approved the use of these gels and therapies for certain diseases related to the loss of testosterone. If you are simply using these gels because you are aging, your risk of cardiovascular problems will skyrocket.


Men who are under “off-label” testosterone therapy should not necessarily be blamed for their misuse of testosterone, though. The companies that sell these gels have made the symptoms confusing, offering treatment for symptoms of male aging rather than dangerously low testosterone labels.


As thousands of lawsuits pour in from people who have suffered damages from medications or treatments, there is more awareness among the FDA and doctors about the dangers of these gels.


What it boils down to is this: if you are thinking about using a testosterone therapy, talk to your doctor. If you have not received a blood test or been diagnosed with hypogonadism, you should back away from testosterone therapy.


These Gels Affect More Than Just Men


It’s not just aging men who are at risk. If you are undergoing testosterone therapy with a gel, and that gel rubs off on another person’s skin, they will also be exposed to it. So wash your hands and cover up before you hug your wife or your kids.


If you have been a victim of cardiovascular problems, or other costly side effects from the use of testosterone therapy, talk to a New York personal injury lawyer today.