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What to Do If You Witness Excessive Force in NY

In a society where transparency and accountability are paramount, witnessing instances of excessive force by law enforcement or other authorities can be a challenging and morally distressing experience. As a bystander, you may feel compelled to take action, but it’s essential to know how to do so safely and effectively while preserving crucial evidence. In this blog, we will explore what to do if you witness excessive force in New York, providing guidance on how […]

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NY AG Sues NYPD for Excessive Force During Protests

Over the past year, the civil unrest that has been generated by the death of George Floyd has sparked some serious change in the ways that communities do things. In fact, the force police use, sometimes called excessive, is under the microscope in communities both large and small, and in New York, things have been taken a step further. New York Attorney General, Letitia James, has filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department […]

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New York Court of Appeals Strengthens Stance Against Excessive Force

There’s been a lot of discussion around police aggression and use of force in the national news recently. New York has recently taken steps to strengthen the state stance against the use of excessive force as a result. In fact, the Second Circuit Court recently reaffirmed a judgment that has made “qualified immunity” is not an admissible defense against charges of excessive violence. The Court’s decision reinstated the original verdict against an NYPD officer who […]

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NYPD Responding to Excessive Force Protests…with Greater Force

The people of New York and across the country (and the world) are taking to the streets to make their voices heard. The problem is, police are responding – with greater force. You can see examples of police using excessive force nearly everywhere. The New York Times reported that two police SUVs ran into a crowd of protesters in Brooklyn. NBC reported that another officer flaunted his weapon at a protest in Manhattan. The list […]

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NYPD Pays $108 Million in Excessive Force and Other Misconduct Claims

Police departments are under heightened scrutiny these days, and oftentimes, it’s for good reason. There have been instances of inappropriate shootings, sexual misconduct, excessive force, dishonesty, and more. We can probably all think of at least one case locally in which an unarmed individual was shot and killed. Despite all of the bad publicity surrounding departments throughout the country, there is one department that takes the cake, and that’s the New York Police Department. Recent […]

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