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A Coworker Caused Your NY Construction Accident: Now What?

In most circumstances, those injured in a construction accident in New York can take advantage of worker’s compensation benefits. But what if a coworker caused the accident? Cases involving injury on the job are typically complex. Luckily, the laws that govern worker’s compensation benefits and your rights to them work in your favor, no matter who is determined to be at fault. Here’s what you need to know about worker’s compensation if injured on a […]

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Common Hazards on NY Construction Sites

With such a high volume of active construction sites in New York, it’s no surprise that a large number of construction-related injuries occur each year. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction workers make up only 5% of New York City’s total workforce, but they account for 27% of work-related injury fatalities! Construction is dangerous work no matter where it’s done, but NYC workers are suffering fatal injuries at a disproportionate and alarming […]

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Hurt in a NY Construction Accident? How to Prove Your Claim

Accidents happen no matter who you are or what you’re doing. Thankfully, most of the time these accidents aren’t very serious. But when you’re a New York construction worker, these accidents can be serious and lead to injury or even death. New York has seen its fair share of construction accidents. In 2021 alone, a worker fell to death in a New York City building that was under construction. Another worker in the Bronx was […]

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