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Premises Liability due to Inadequate Lighting

While sometimes overlooked, inadequate lighting in homes or businesses is the cause behind all types of injuries. Even those with 20/20 vision are impaired significantly when a room’s lighting is insufficient. Property owners are required by law to ensure that individuals legally allowed on their property are kept reasonably safe. As such, individuals injured as a result of inadequate lighting may have a claim for compensation from the property owner. Injuries Sustained from Insufficient Lighting: Falls […]

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Starbucks False Arrest and Racial Profiling

After asking to use the bathroom without yet ordering, two black men were arrested for defiant trespassing in a Philadelphia Starbucks on Thursday, April 12. The Starbucks barista called police, despite the men’s explanation that they were waiting for a friend to join them.  The friend joined just in time for them to be taken out of the establishment in handcuffs. Police commissioner Richard Ross, who is reviewing the incident, defended the officers’ actions via […]

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Exposure to Mold in your Building

Lurking in the damp nooks and crannies of your building, silently reaping havoc on you and your family…No, this isn’t the swamp monster that you have to scare away from your child’s closet before bed. It’s mold. Mold is much more real than monsters, and can have even worse effects on your health if not dealt with properly and swiftly by your building management. Many types of mold can be hazardous to your health. Additionally, […]

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Bicycle Accidents are Tragically Common in New York

The media is calling this the summer of hell in New York City. Penn Station has been undergoing major repairs since July 10th, making rail travel into the city extremely difficult. The Subway isn’t much better, with people stuck waiting for delayed trains on overcrowded platforms. With all that in mind, it’s easy to see why more New Yorkers are commuting on bicycles than ever. Biking in New York is on the Rise New York […]

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Building Fires and Premise Liabilities

68-year-old art collector Todd Brassner lost his life in the fire that broke out in Trump Tower April 7, 2018. The building had smoke detectors and alarms, to which NYFD quickly responded. Unfortunately, though, it did not have fire sprinklers, thanks to Trump and other high profile developers in 1998.  At the time, Trump played a crucial roll in lobbying against a law proposed by Mayor Giuliani requiring residential buildings to retro-fit sprinklers. Such safety […]

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Vehicle Stuck on Railroad Tracks Violates Railroad Rules

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 24, Uber driver Hugh James found himself in a life or death situation. While trying to cross in his Honda Accord over the railroad tracks near the Bethpage, Long Island Station, his car suddenly became stuck. With the help of a stranger, he tried to move his car off the tracks, but failed to do so before the train arrived. James was able to escape safely, but his […]

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NY State looks to New Technology to Stop Texting and Driving

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably sent a text message while driving at least once. Our phones have our whole lives on them, and they can be difficult to ignore while we’re stopped at a red light, or while on the move. It’s tempting to respond to messages while driving but more often than not, responding is illegal. 47 states have banned texting and driving in some form so far, and for good reason. Distracted driving, […]

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Terrance Williams, DWI, and You

Police found Terrance Williams, Cowboys wide receiver, riding his motorized scooter after he fled the scene of a car accident around 4 am. According to police reports, Terrance Williams’ Lamborghini crashed into a light pole. However, Williams’ lawyer, Chip Lewis, contests this information, later stating that no pole was near the accident. Lewis continued, pointing out that Williams was not arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, but for Public Intoxication, unrelated to the accident. Had Williams […]

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Common Injuries Caused by Accidents: A Meniscus Tear

A knee can be injured in many different ways, in many different situations. One of the most common accident related knee injuries is a meniscus tear. The meniscus sits in the joint between the femur (thighbone) and the tibia (shinbone). It is cartilage that provides a cushion for the bones, to balance weight evenly throughout the joint. It also provides stability, so the knee does not move too far side to side. When a tear occurs, […]

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The First Steps in the Aftermath of a Railroad or Train Accident

A railroad or train accident injury can happen to both passengers and workers alike, and can have devastating impacts for everyone. To receive compensation in order to recover, know your rights and who is liable for your injuries. Our train accident lawyers explain the basics of what you should know if you have experienced such a tragedy. The First Step The legal processes for train passengers and workers are different, due to various laws protecting each […]

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