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What’s Considered the Threshold for a “Serious Injury” in New York?

In New York, if an accident causes serious injury, you may be surprised to learn that some injuries constitute grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. New York’s serious injury threshold majorly impacts those injured as the result of an accident. The state’s No-Fault Law also plays a role in certain accidents, which can hinder recovering damages. Here’s what you need to know about laws in New York that affect damages received for injury, as […]

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Injured By Fireworks in NY? You May Be Able to File an Injury Suit

Fourth of July celebrations simply wouldn’t be the same without fireworks displays — both the professional and backyard variety! But for some Americans, that love of lighting up the night sky in celebration of the nation can have some serious consequences. Injuries due to fireworks are actually quite common. They can range from mild — with little impact on your life — to severe enough to cause death. If you or someone you love is […]

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