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Common Injuries That Occur in NYC Subway Accidents

New York City’s subway system is one of the largest and busiest in the world, carrying millions of passengers daily. With so many people relying on the subway, accidents are bound to happen.  You only have to take a look at the news to see that these types of incidents are all around us. In the last few months alone, there were two separate incidents of two people being by train cars and another accident […]

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NY Train Accidents: How is Negligence Established?

New York has a lot of trains. From the subways in New York City to the commuter rails in other parts of the state, all those trains add up to a lot of tracks – and a lot of opportunities for accidents and injuries to occur. If you are injured in a New York train accident, what can you do? How do you establish who is responsible for the accident so you can get the […]

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Injured on an NYC One-Person Train Operation? How It Changes Your Case

The city’s efforts are an attempt to maintain services in order to help health care workers and those that operate essential businesses get where they need to be as safe as possible. One tactic in their strategy is paring down to one-person train operations. What essential workers need to remember as they risk their lives traveling to and from work: Train accident liability laws are still in full effect. These laws are meant to protect […]

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NY Subway Accidents and the MTA’s Duty of Care

In a subway system that sees more than five million riders a day, accidents are bound to happen. Earlier this year, one such accident claimed the life of a local pizza maker. The New York Times coverage of this chilling story of a man pulled into the subway tunnel by a train only reignited concerns about the safety of the subway system and questions about the MTA’s duty of care. An Unexplained Accident in Grand […]

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Top Reasons That New York Subway Accidents Happen

We’ve all felt a little shaky on the subway. There can be something unnerving about traveling underground. Moreover, as all New Yorkers know, subway accidents aren’t just in the movies. They do happen, and certain risk factors increase your chances of being caught in an unfortunate situation.   Because of this, it’s important to know the risk of hopping on the subway and what causes New York subway accidents. Over 5.7 million people ride our […]

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