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New York Car Accident Injuries: Your Guide to Getting Compensation

A car accident can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. It’s costly not just because of damage that may be done to your vehicle, but also the harm that can be done to you or any passengers. Medical bills that result from injuries due to car accidents can feel overwhelming, and if you’re unable to work because of your injuries, it can be even worse. If you’re facing mounting […]

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What Kinds of Injuries Should NYers Watch Out for This 4th of July?

People love the 4th of July in the United States. It’s a great time to get together with family and friends to celebrate the country’s independence. It doesn’t hurt that tasty food and fireworks play a major part in the experience, as do a few adult beverages, for some. All of that fun does come at a cost, however. People get hurt quite frequently on this holiday, and they end up in the emergency room […]

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A Minor New York Fender Bender Ends in FedEx Truck Death

Sometimes, a series of unfortunate events can lead to tragedy, as several people in Long Island recently discovered. Two motorists collided in a fender bender on the Long Island Expressway. Both parties stopped and got out of their cars to inspect the damage – one pulled his car over to the exit while the other stopped in the center lane. The man who stopped in the center lane was struck and killed by a FedEx […]

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How St. Patrick’s Day Crash Victims in NY Can Get Compensation

Another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but for some, the day will haunt them for months or years to come. The New York State Police increased their patrols over the holiday to help combat impaired and drunk drivers. Additional patrols and checkpoints were out and about, but that didn’t stop accidents from happening. In fact, a New York woman is in critical condition after her car was struck, and the driver responsible for […]

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New York Car Crashes Happen When You Least Expect It

Car crashes happen – often with severe and devastating consequences. Recently in Queens, a young man lost control of his car and hit a tree, killing three other young people inside. The driver states he hit a pothole and then lost control of the vehicle. Car crashes cannot always be avoided, but there are some things you can do to make driving at night safer – something that will be reflected on your driving record […]

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What Happens When the NYC Driver Who Injured Me Dies?

Automobile accidents are traumatic experiences for everyone involved. With the advances made in automobile safety features, however, those in cars and trucks involved in accidents are safer than ever. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for pedestrians that are struck by a motor vehicle. Pedestrians are lacking in safety features to protect them from injury in case of an accident. Often those who are struck by vehicles, if they survive, are left with life-altering, costly, […]

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Watch Out! Cooped-Up New Yorkers Head for the Hills… Er, Hamptons?

New Yorkers have been cooped up for too long and nowhere is that more apparent than the spike recently seen in vacations rentals in the Hamptons. Many landlords have reported a spike in rentals over previous years and even rentals that cover the entirety of the summer, rather than a week here or there. It’s easy to understand why New Yorkers love the Hamptons. This collection of hamlets, villages, and towns on Long Island have […]

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Were You One of Many NYers to Get in a Turkey Day Crash? What’s Next?

Thanksgiving is a time to connect with family and celebrate the many things we’re lucky to have in our lives. Unfortunately, there’s an uptick in auto accidents every year at Thanksgiving…and a death toll of more than 400. According to the National Safety Council, thousands more are injured. The deadliest combination, as you would expect, is the increase in road travelers plus the increase in alcohol consumption. This set of circumstances leads to tragic fatalities […]

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What You Should Know About Autonomous Vehicles in New York

In early August, Optimus Ride, an autonomous vehicle company, debuted it’s self-driving pilot program in Brooklyn. Six vehicles will operate in the Brooklyn Naval Yard. This industrial space is closed off from the public but houses over 400 companies and 10,000 employees. Because the space is considered private property, the vehicles do not have to deal with the chaos of NYC streets. Therefore, these cars avoid the unpredictability of both NY pedestrians and other vehicles. […]

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A NY Woman Crashed Because of a Spider — Is She Liable?

A spider is to blame for a recent car crash in Cairo, New York. A woman was reportedly spooked when the arachnid was discovered on the driver’s side of the vehicle, causing her to panic and crash. The victim of the crash is in “rough condition,” but okay according to a friend. The vehicle, unfortunately, sustained severe damage. Although this story is bizarre enough to make national news, it turns out that these sorts of […]

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