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A Closer Look at NY Staircase Accidents: Liability and Legal Recourse

Staircases are an integral part of our daily lives, providing access to different levels of buildings and spaces. However, when negligence comes into play, staircases can transform from a simple means of conveyance to potential hazards, leading to slip and fall accidents. In the bustling city of New York, where the pace is fast and the streets are crowded, staircase accidents are unfortunately not uncommon. This blog aims to delve into the intricacies of slip […]

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Beware: The Surprising Cost of Towing and Storage And How To Avoid Being Scammed

Towing and Storage after a NY Car Accident Getting into a car accident is stressful enough, but dealing with the aftermath can be equally daunting, particularly when you have to consider towing and storage costs for your vehicle. In New York City, like anywhere else, these costs can vary. However, there are local rules and regulations that govern what a tow truck operator can properly charge. Below, we delve into the nitty-gritty of car towing […]

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E Bicyclist Killed By Hit and Run Driver |

Bronx Hit and Run Driver Kills Law Abiding E Bike Rider The recent article in the New York Daily News, “Speeding-hit-and-run driver kills 64 year old e-bicyclist“, brings to light the tragic consequences of reckless driving and the importance of understanding negligence and insurance in accidents involving e-bikes.  As e-bikes continue to grow in popularity, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks and legal implications of accidents involving these vehicles.  In this […]

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Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Accident |

Gwyneth Paltrow Wins Her Ski Accident Case, Here’s Why In February 2016, actress Gwyneth Paltrow was skiing at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah when she collided with Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist who alleged that Paltrow was skiing recklessly and caused the collision.  Sanderson sued Paltrow for negligence and sought money damages.  After a three-day trial, a Utah jury ruled in favor of Paltrow, awarding her the $1 in damages she requested. So […]

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Common Autumn Personal Injury Accidents in NY

Many people love the autumn season. After all, it ushers in crisp fall air that makes each day perfect for sweaters and hot spiced cider. But there’s a disadvantage to the fall that many people don’t consider until it impacts them: The change in weather can increase the risk of some types of accidents. There are many accidents that tend to occur more often in autumn in New York. It’s important to know not only […]

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Six Steps After a Slip-and-Fall During an Essential Trip in NYC

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, any accident, including slip and falls, can lead to serious injuries that require expensive medical treatments and can lead to lost wages. If you suffer a slip and fall injury in New York, there are important steps you should take to protect yourself and any future personal injury claims you may want to file. Here’s what you need to know about New York negligence laws and six important steps you should take […]

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What Happens When the NYC Driver Who Injured Me Dies?

Automobile accidents are traumatic experiences for everyone involved. With the advances made in automobile safety features, however, those in cars and trucks involved in accidents are safer than ever. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for pedestrians that are struck by a motor vehicle. Pedestrians are lacking in safety features to protect them from injury in case of an accident. Often those who are struck by vehicles, if they survive, are left with life-altering, costly, […]

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Injured in New York? What You Didn’t Know About NY Premises Liability

If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, then you can face several challenges when trying to pursue damages associated with the injury. No matter what type of accident occurs and the distinctive conditions surrounding your case, there are still several legal elements that must be proven in court in order for your claim to be successful. Before you can get your case in court, there are some important legal facts regarding New York premises […]

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Why So Many NYers Celebrating Halloween Fall and Get Hurt

You’re never too old for Halloween. Every year, thousands of adults join in on the Halloween spirit by dressing up and attending parties. The key difference to many adult celebrations, however, is the inclusion of alcohol. Although these festivities are good-natured fun, whenever there’s alcohol involved, there’s a risk. In fact, October 31st has one of the highest rates for vehicle accidents and fatalities associated with driving under the influence. Halloween Drinking and Driving Accidents […]

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Ways New York Drivers Cause Bicycle Accidents

Although bicycling is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get around the city, sharing the roads with cars is risky business, and you could wind up seriously injured or killed in a collision. The streets of New York are a chaotic mix of cars, trucks, buses, cyclists, and pedestrians. This means that crashes, many of them serious or deadly, are much more common here than in other places. What’s more – the […]

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