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As NY Elevator Accidents Continue, Will State Push for Stricter Codes?

Elevator accidents can cause some very serious injuries – including death. Many people like to think of them as an infrequent incident, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, there have been some recent accidents involving elevators that have killed and seriously injured people. In Mott Haven, an elevator in a historic building collapsed. It killed one construction worker and injured another. Such accidents aren’t isolated to one place. In North Carolina, accidents involving residential […]

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Who’s Going Down for the Elevator Accident in Hell’s Kitchen?

Elevators are a major convenience, especially in New York. When things go wrong with elevators, though, the results can be devastating. Recently, an employee at a Hell’s Kitchen supermarket was killed in a tragic freight elevator accident. She had been loading the freight elevator when it started to move, causing severe injuries that ultimately lead to her death. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of people are injured by elevators each year. So […]

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Reducing Culpable Conduct When Riding an Escalator in New York

Escalators are found in a variety of places, from shopping malls to airports. They help customers get where they want to be, and may seem simple to use, but are they really safe? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 17,000 Americans are injured on escalators each year and about 30 people are killed. Studies also reveal that these injuries have steadily increased each year for several decades, which means escalators are […]

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Elevator Accidents: Your NY Landlord Owes a Duty of Care

Imagine living in a building you don’t feel safe in or a building you know is being neglected by a landlord. For many people, this is their everyday reality and it can have some dire consequences. Last year, an elevator in a Manhattan apartment complex malfunctioned, leading to the gruesome death of a 30-year old man. This incident occurred after other tenants had been filing complaints to the Department of Buildings for months to no […]

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NY Escalator Accidents: Who’s Most Likely to be Injured?

As kids, we remember hearing the admonitions from our parents about how dangerous escalators are. Most of us laughed them off, assuming our parents were just using the big, loud machine to scare us. It turns out that escalators actually can be very dangerous, though. According to the Center for Disease Control, escalator and elevator accidents injure about 17,000 Americans every year and kill about 30 people. You might want to know who is most […]

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Elevator Misalignment Accident Injury

In February, Ivo Nikolic, the director of elevator safety and operations for a NYC public housing system, was suspended due to a 2015 elevator incident. This accident took place in a Bronx apartment where eighty-four year old Olegario Pabon tripped on the mis-leveled floor of the elevator. The cause of this elevator misalignment was a faulty brake monitor. Pabon ended up falling into the elevator, which was uneven to the floor, and cracked his head […]

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New York Elevator Accidents – Why They Happen

In our city, elevators are everywhere – and for good reason. After all, who wants to face the prospect of using stairs in buildings with dozens of floors – or more. Unfortunately, they do come with risks. A recent story from Nebraska is a reminder that although we use elevators every day, they can cause some serious injuries – and even deaths. What happened? A 25-year old woman got caught between the ground floor of […]

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Numbers on Elevator and Escalator Accidents – in NY and Beyond

If you have been injured in an elevator or escalator accident in New York, you are not alone. In fact, many New Yorkers are injured every year by these transportation methods. In this post, we’ll share elevator and escalator facts and statistics with you, along with the most common reasons accidents occur. We’ll also tell you how we can help if you are injured by an elevator or escalator in New York. Statistics on Elevator and […]

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Elevator and Escalator Accidents Are On the Rise

  Every few months, a clip on the evening news or a story online shows footage of an elevator or escalator accident. These incidents are usually pretty scary, whether the elevator is randomly speeding up as it rises, or a malfunction causes people to pile up on the floor below.   We ride escalators and elevators everywhere – in malls, airports, stadiums, and so on – and most of the time the possibility of an […]

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Elevator and Escalator Accidents Rare, But Extremely Dangerous

You don’t hear too many stories about injuries due to an elevator or escalator accident. However, elevator and escalator accidents are usually horrific and extremely severe. When bloodcurdling screams came from an elevator in a Manhattan office building, witnesses found a man with a severed arm. The elevator fell onto the elevator technician’s arm, cutting it off at the elbow. He received surgery at Bellevue Hospital. EMTs brought his severed arm in behind him, carrying it from the […]

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