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Riding High: Common Causes of Elevator Accidents in NYC

Elevators are a ubiquitous feature of urban life in New York City (NYC), transporting millions of people every day to various floors of buildings. While they are generally considered a safe mode of transportation, elevator accidents can and do occur, leading to injuries and even fatalities. Understanding the common causes behind these accidents is crucial for ensuring safety in this vertical transportation system. Mechanical Failures One of the primary causes of elevator accidents in NYC […]

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Compensation for Victims of Criminal Elevator Accidents in NY

In the bustling urban jungle of New York, elevators are an integral part of daily life, transporting millions of people each day. However, when an elevator accident occurs due to criminal negligence, the physical and emotional toll on victims can be devastating. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a criminal elevator accident in New York, understanding the potential compensation available is crucial for rebuilding your life. Medical Expenses One of […]

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Escalator Accidents: Liability and Compensation in NY

Escalators are common in shopping centers, airports, and other public spaces, providing convenient vertical transportation for millions daily. However, escalator accidents can occur, leading to serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. In the event of an escalator accident, understanding liability and seeking compensation becomes crucial for the victims.  Escalator Accidents: Causes and Consequences Escalator accidents can result from various factors, including mechanical failures, improper maintenance, design defects, inadequate safety measures, or human error. Some common […]

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Elevator Mechanic Criminally Charged

A Bronx mechanic is facing criminal charges in connection with a 2021 elevator incident that led to a comprehensive investigation into elevator safety protocols.  This case has raised concerns about the oversight of elevator maintenance and repair in New York City, prompting renewed interest in the city’s regulatory bodies and the mechanics of elevator operation. In February, 2021, mechanic Peter Milatz, 67, and apprentice mechanic Joseph Rosa, 25, were working on modernizing an elevator at […]

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Elevator Safety Laws: What Every Building Owner Should Know in New York

Elevators are a crucial part of the modern urban landscape, providing efficient and rapid transportation between floors in high-rise buildings. But, as with any type of machinery, elevators can pose serious safety hazards if they are not properly maintained and operated. In New York, elevator safety is governed by a complex set of laws and regulations, and building owners need to be aware of their legal obligations to ensure the safety of their tenants and […]

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NY Escalator Accidents: More Common Than You Know

In New York, many people use public transportation every day. Part of many public transportation stops like subways are escalators – and they can and do malfunction. A New York City councilwoman is demanding that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority repair an escalator at the 72 Street Q train station, one of the busiest stations in the city. The escalator has been out of commission for several months, presumably because the malfunctioning elevator would be a […]

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How to Avoid a NY Escalator Accident — Even If One Is Malfunctioning

Escalators are part of many people’s everyday lives. That means that, often, you probably don’t think twice about using an escalator. The dangers they present may not even cross your mind. However, escalators do cause injuries to many New Yorkers every year. The truth is that, while little children and older adults may be at a higher risk of being injured on an escalator, anyone can suffer from serious injuries caused by them. That’s why […]

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As NY Elevator Accidents Continue, Will State Push for Stricter Codes?

Elevator accidents can cause some very serious injuries – including death. Many people like to think of them as an infrequent incident, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, there have been some recent accidents involving elevators that have killed and seriously injured people. In Mott Haven, an elevator in a historic building collapsed. It killed one construction worker and injured another. Such accidents aren’t isolated to one place. In North Carolina, accidents involving residential […]

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Who’s Going Down for the Elevator Accident in Hell’s Kitchen?

Elevators are a major convenience, especially in New York. When things go wrong with elevators, though, the results can be devastating. Recently, an employee at a Hell’s Kitchen supermarket was killed in a tragic freight elevator accident. She had been loading the freight elevator when it started to move, causing severe injuries that ultimately lead to her death. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of people are injured by elevators each year. So […]

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Reducing Culpable Conduct When Riding an Escalator in New York

Escalators are found in a variety of places, from shopping malls to airports. They help customers get where they want to be, and may seem simple to use, but are they really safe? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 17,000 Americans are injured on escalators each year and about 30 people are killed. Studies also reveal that these injuries have steadily increased each year for several decades, which means escalators are […]

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