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NYers: Were You Injured after Being Prescribed Amiodarone Off-Label?

Are prescription drugs becoming more dangerous? According to USA Today, 2022 saw the highest number of drug recalls in the past three years for human drug products – 1321. That’s more than 1300 drug products that the FDA determined were either violating laws or defective. This isn’t even counting drugs that cause serious problems but still haven’t been recalled. One of the most problematic of these is amiodarone. Amiodarone is a medication used to treat […]

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NY Prescription Drug Recall: What Are Your Options?

Prescription drugs, just like any other products, are sometimes recalled. It’s unfortunate, however, that in order for the state of New York or the Federal Drug Administration to recall these substances, some people have to be harmed by them. What are your options if hurt by a recalled prescription drug? You may have medical bills you need to cover. You may have lost the ability to work. Or you may simply be experiencing prolonged pain […]

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NY Defective Drugs: What If You’re a Victim?

When your doctor prescribes you a medication to try, most people trust that it will help them feel better and recover from what injuries, illnesses, or symptoms they are experiencing. It’s unfortunate that not all medications work as they’re supposed to. Sometimes, these medications can even be defective, leading to adverse reactions that can change your life and health at the drop of a hat. In these cases, drug manufacturers may be obligated to compensate […]

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New York Pharmacy Errors: Why Do They Happen?

Imagine you go for a refill of your anxiety medication. You know that pills are usually white, so it’s odd when your pharmacist instead gives you pills that are blue. Being a layman, though, you don’t question it. You make the rational assumption that the pharmacist – as an experienced professional – knows what they’re doing. However, after using it you experience no benefit. You turn to your doctor, who tells you that you’ve been […]

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Pharmacy Injuries: How a New York Pharmacist Can Be Negligent

Dispensing medication is a complicated profession, and errors can have devastating effects. Yet a quiet epidemic unfolds in pharmacies in New York and around the country. Nearly every prescribed medicine on the market has a laundry list of side effects. Patients rely on their medications to survive, and in some cases missing a single dose could prove fatal. Alternatively, the wrong prescription could interact adversely with another medication the patient is taking, or result in […]

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Pharmacist Errors are a Form of Medical Malpractice in New York  

Did you know that up to 10% of all prescriptions are filed in error?   Patients don’t always see or understand what happens behind the counter at a pharmacy, but we trust the people behind the counter to bring us the prescriptions that were written by our doctor.   This makes sense. After all, pharmacists go to school for a number of years to understand what medicines and dosage you need in order to get […]

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How Opioid Injury Lawsuits Work in New York

  Major manufacturers of opioids are facing class action suits across the country and here in New York. The claims say that several major manufacturers were negligent and deceptive in their marketing and distribution of opioids. Manufacturers knew the drugs were unsafe and misrepresented the risks.   Among the claimants are the states of New Mexico and Michigan, as well as the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, as American Indians have disproportionately experienced many detrimental […]

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What You Need to Know about How NY Pharmaceutical Liability Works

  If you have been injured by a pharmaceutical drug, the search for the responsible party can be complicated. In this article, you’ll learn about the various types of pharmaceutical liability cases and how a knowledgeable attorney can help you.   About 50 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug daily. With new drugs constantly entering the market, the risk of injury increases. If you are injured by a drug, it may be […]

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Psychiatric Drugs Are Supposed to Help Kids – But Often They Hurt

Having a child with a mental illness can seem like an endless maze with no way out. Most parents feel like they are completely over their heads. Because of this, they tend to defer to the experience and knowledge of the experts – the doctors and therapists who studied for years to treat these kinds of conditions.   Often, this means agreeing to medicate your child. Because it is what the doctor recommended. Unfortunately, psychiatric […]

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