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Sports Injuries at NY School: Who Bears the Legal Responsibility?

In the dynamic world of school sports, the thrill of competition and the camaraderie fostered through team activities often overshadow the potential risks that come with the territory. While sports play a crucial role in the physical and mental development of students, the question of legal responsibility looms large when injuries occur. This blog aims to delve into the legal implications of sports-related injuries at New York schools, addressing key issues such as inadequate supervision, […]

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Child Injury on School Premises: Who Is Responsible in NY?

When a child is hurt at school, it may be difficult to determine who (if anyone) should be held liable. While the accident may have arisen from unavoidable circumstances, accidents and injuries at school often do result from the action or inaction of school officials, staff, or other students. Furthermore, an injury sustained at school that does not initially seem to be the fault of the school district may actually hold the district legally liable. […]

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