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Protect Your Kids from These Dangerous NY Back-to-School Accidents

  Back-to-school is upon us in New York, which is exciting for parents and students alike. Most New York schools make every effort to ensure that students are in a safe and productive learning environment.   However, injuries to students still occur, especially in the first few weeks back, when everyone is settling into the routine. There are a few things that you as a parent can do to protect your children from these dangerous […]

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What Happens If a Child Is Injured At School in New York?

All parents have had a moment of fear or apprehension when they first drop their child off at school: what if they get hurt? From violent playground bullies to school bus accidents, there are all kinds of ways for children to have a school injury – and since you can’t be there to prevent them or help your child, you have to rely on others to do so.   Sometimes, though, kids still get hurt, […]

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