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NYC Worker’s Comp Board Nods to COVID as Occupational Disease

For many people, workers’ compensation in the age of COVID-19 is a big concern. For New Yorkers who have been at the heart of this pandemic, the fear of contracting COVID at work is something they live with every day. Although New York has not officially recognized COVID-19 as an occupational disease, the Workers’ Compensation board agrees that in many cases there is a direct link between a person’s job and an increased risk of […]

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White Collar Workers Get Hurt on the Job in NY Too

If you work in an office or in higher-level administration, you probably don’t think all that much about getting hurt at work. After all, it’s not like you’re working with heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals. However, white collar workers aren’t entirely immune from on-the-job injuries. In fact, quite a few people experience injuries related to prolonged desk work and computer use, and some of the common injuries suffered by white collar workers can be just […]

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Top Workers Compensation Claims in New York

Nobody expects to be injured on the job. In fact, many employers dedicate a large portion of their budget to educating employees on safe practices and in safety codes. Yet in every state across the nation, worker’s compensation insurance plans continue processing tens of thousands of cases every year. The Workers’ Compensation Board in New York, for instance, reported 99,755 total established workers compensation claims – or claims in which the WCB has recognized an […]

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How Workplace Injury Compensation Works in New York

When an employee suffers an injury in the workplace, in addition to the physical pain and emotional distress, they also often encounter financial problems.   Treatment for the injury can result in high medical bills, and a serious injury may make the employee unable to work for an extended amount of time, resulting in lost wages. A debilitating injury may even affect the employee’s ability to work and earn income in the future.   A […]

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Which New York Jobs Are You Most Likely to Get Hurt Doing?

Workplace injuries are an unfortunate liability of any industry. However, some industries are more prone to workplace injuries than others. These include animal production, health care, couriers and messengers, wood product manufacturing, air transportation, as well as construction.   If you are injured on the job, your employer may carry worker’s compensation insurance to cover your injuries. This is a no-fault system, so you are covered regardless of whether your employer is liable for the […]

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What Does Trump Mean for NYC Workplace Accidents?

  Our new President has promised a lot of notable changes. We know the big ones: immigration bans, building a wall across the United States-Mexico border, repealing Obamacare, and so on.   While investigations of his ties with Russia and his accusations of wiretapping are making headlines, let’s focus on a lesser-known change that the current administration is trying to make regarding OSHA. Before we talk about the current administration, though, we need to go […]

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Workplace Violated OSHA and You Got Hurt? What You Can Do

  Whether you work on a construction site, at a retail store, or you are stuck in a cubicle all day, you have probably seen posters with the name “OSHA” on them. You also may have had to skim through contracts or procedures at meetings about OSHA’s policies for safety in the workplace.   Despite this, most people don’t give a whole lot of thought to OSHA. It’s just another workplace regulation that’s in the […]

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