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Signs Your Child Suffered Brain Damage Due To A Birth Injury

When young children suffer a neonatal brain injury, it may take years to diagnose. Often, symptoms of infant brain damage do not appear until much later. A new medical technology, however, may allow us to discover infant brain damage faster and more accurately. Researchers at Washington University are developing a device utilizing the same technology in smart watches that detects neurological injuries at early stages. This allows for early intervention, which is extremely helpful to […]

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Birth Injuries New York Parents Should Watch For

When a baby becomes injured during the birthing process, the newborn is said to have suffered a birth trauma or injury. Many of these injuries are common, but thankfully nearly all of them heal or correct themselves quickly with no further issue. However, not every birth injury does. Some can leave your child weak, or facing physical or mental limitations. In this post, we share four of the more dangerous birth injuries that can occur […]

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