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How NY Construction Workers Get Hurt on the Job

  The construction industry is a dangerous one in which to work, and many construction workers are injured every year in New York. In this post, we’ll detail the most common reasons for a construction job injury and tell you what to do if your workers’ compensation coverage isn’t satisfactory.   Common Reasons for Construction Site Injuries One out of every 10 construction workers is injured each year. Why?   Falls. The number one reason […]

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Here’s Why Most Burn Injuries Happen in New York

Recently, a fire started on the first floor of an apartment building around 10:40 p.m. in Long Island City. Eight people were injured, including one with serious injuries. What happened? One resident said a “wall of smoke” was near her door, and another resident said the smoke prevented her from exiting down the hall. Firefighters responded to the call and worked on rescuing a man who was trapped by clutter and unable to move. The […]

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Fighting the Rising Tide of NY Construction Injuries and Deaths

.   It seems that everywhere you go here in New York, something is always under construction.   This construction also doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, even though New York has surpassed Zurich as the most expensive market for construction. With New York at the top, Zurich has fallen to number three behind San Francisco.   With so much construction happening, there’s a higher chance that construction workers will have accidents […]

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Which New York Jobs Are You Most Likely to Get Hurt Doing?

Workplace injuries are an unfortunate liability of any industry. However, some industries are more prone to workplace injuries than others. These include animal production, health care, couriers and messengers, wood product manufacturing, air transportation, as well as construction.   If you are injured on the job, your employer may carry worker’s compensation insurance to cover your injuries. This is a no-fault system, so you are covered regardless of whether your employer is liable for the […]

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What Does Trump Mean for NYC Workplace Accidents?

  Our new President has promised a lot of notable changes. We know the big ones: immigration bans, building a wall across the United States-Mexico border, repealing Obamacare, and so on.   While investigations of his ties with Russia and his accusations of wiretapping are making headlines, let’s focus on a lesser-known change that the current administration is trying to make regarding OSHA. Before we talk about the current administration, though, we need to go […]

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Cops Use Pepper Spray and Flash Grenades on Inauguration Protesters

The weekend of the Inauguration was anything but quiet.   While there were no arrests made during the worldwide Women’s March, Inauguration Day protests did not go quite as smoothly. You have probably seen videos of violence from both protesters and police. Throughout the afternoon, there were small pockets of protesters responsible for smashing the windows of large banks, and some protesters also reportedly threw rocks and bricks at officers.   All told, over 200 […]

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Workplace Violated OSHA and You Got Hurt? What You Can Do

  Whether you work on a construction site, at a retail store, or you are stuck in a cubicle all day, you have probably seen posters with the name “OSHA” on them. You also may have had to skim through contracts or procedures at meetings about OSHA’s policies for safety in the workplace.   Despite this, most people don’t give a whole lot of thought to OSHA. It’s just another workplace regulation that’s in the […]

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Common Construction Accidents in New York City

Construction is booming in New York City, which creates high demand for workers who can build faster and more efficiently. Unfortunately, this need tempts many construction companies to send out untrained or unskilled workers onto job sites. Consequently, the chances of a serious construction accident is higher. The rate of this practice is growing, reflected by the increasing number of construction accidents and deaths yearly. Between July 2014 and July 2015, 10 people died from […]

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Brooklyn Workplace Injury Turned Fatal Under Investigation

 Earlier this month, Gustavo Tapia, aged 22, died in a forklift accident in Brooklyn, New York. He was using a walk behind forklift to push a Yale forklift up a ramp when it rolled backward and pinned him against the wall. The operator of the electric forklift was unscathed but Tapia died from his workplace injury. The Dangers of Forklifts The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that inadequate training causes a number of […]

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Brooklyn Construction Accident Leaves One Dead, Three Injured

A Brooklyn accident claimed the life of a 25-year-old construction worker earlier this month. This accident also injured three of his co-workers. The accident occurred when the second story flooring of a private home that the men were remodeling collapsed. Brooklyn resident Santos Garcia was standing on the flooring when it gave way. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene of the accident, Garcia was unresponsive. The other three workers were injured in the accident […]

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