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Hurt By a Recalled Product in NY? You Have Options

Nothing in the world is perfect, including products made for consumers. From time to time, things occur in the design or manufacturing process of a product that makes it unsafe for consumers. In those circumstances, products are recalled. A good example of a large product recall occurred with a large, well-known drink company in December 2021. They had to recall products from eight states, including New York, because the juice they had distributed in those […]

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NY Parents: Was Your Child Injured By a Gift on the WATCH List?

People, including parents, buy children toys because they love them. Play is an important part of development, after all, and toys encourage children to use their minds in ways that have a lot of benefits for them in the long run. The problem is that for many different reasons, some toys simply aren’t safe. What was given as a way to help a child explore the world can end in injury – which can sometimes […]

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Dangerous Products for NYers: Who Is Responsible?

When a product is purchased for you or someone you love, you expect it to be safe to use. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case – as many parents are finding out due to a popular new toy trend. One of the latest popular toys on the market may also be unsafe for children. Powerful magnetic cubes and balls have been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, because they present a danger of […]

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Products Require More Than Just a Warning Label in NYC

When you buy a product for use in your home or office, you assume the product is reasonably safe to use. Some products can come with inherent risks and the manufacturers of those products have a duty to warn about those dangers in order to help consumers make good choices and protect themselves from injury and even death. Many products come with warning labels to help ensure that the consumer understands the dangers involved in […]

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Can New Yorkers Sue Amazon for a Product That’s Defective?

Amazon is a mainstay for many US households. The online retail giant offers fast delivery of an unprecedented variety of low-priced products, so it can be used to find just about anything. Amazon maintains this variety partly by offering third-party products for sale. These third-party sellers are independent businesses that offer new, used, or refurbished merchandise that is sold through Amazon. The drawback of this approach is that quality control becomes much more complex. So, […]

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Johnson’s Baby Powder and Cancer: What New Yorkers Should Know

Talcum baby powder has been used by Americans for generations to soothe skin rashes in babies and toddlers, and in adults to keep areas prone to chafing dry. Johnson & Johnson is one brand we all recognize. What consumers never could have anticipated was that baby powder has now been linked to cancer. In particular, regular application of baby powder to the genital area has been linked to ovarian cancer in women. In fact, Johnson […]

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Dangerous Gifts: Toys New York Parents Should Watch Out For

When your child was opening the toys they received over the holidays, safety was probably the last thing on your mind. You were watching their excitement. Their unbridled joy at this much-anticipated moment finally arriving. Unfortunately, some of the most popular toys out there this year could cause harm to your kid if you – and they – are not careful. Below, we’re going to go over the list of the toys found to be […]

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Pradaxa Latest Drug to Cost Manufacturer after Liability Suit

Pharmaceuticals are essential for keeping many people healthy and alive. Unfortunately, when the manufacturer fails to warn patients about the risks associated with the drug they are taking, injuries or death may result. That’s exactly what happened with Pradaxa. In this post, we’re going to detail the issue with that particular drug, cover the case against it, and discuss how pharmaceutical liability works. If you have been harmed by any pharmaceutical drug due to negligence, […]

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What to Do If You Are Hurt by a Defective Product in New York

If you or someone you love is injured by a defective product, it is important that you know what to do next so that you can not only recover fully, but also give yourself the best chance at receiving fair and just compensation for what you’ve had to endure. Between March 2016 and March 2017, there were over 5,000 product recalls in the United States. That’s a shockingly high number, and it speaks to the […]

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Injured By a Holiday Present? It May Not Be Your Fault

Opening a gift from a loved one and discovering that they got you the thing that you wanted is a fantastic feeling. Unfortunately, that feeling can quickly shift to fear, pain, and anger if you get hurt using the dream gift in question. Which brings us to Cuisinart. If you’ve ever had to cook a big holiday meal, you know how useful food processors are. They slice the painstaking time it takes to chop, grate, […]

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