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Who Pays When an NYC A-Train Derailment’s Caused by a Homeless Man?

Recently, the “A” train jumped the tracks near Eighth Avenue at Manhattan’s 14th Street station according to CBS News. Three passengers were hurt but no one was killed. Authorities determined that a homeless man, locally known to cause mischief, placed a metal object on the tracks that caused the derailment. This begs the question: When a train is derailed and people do get hurt, who is responsible? How does liability work when trains are involved? […]

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Why Do LIRR Accidents Happen?

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is notorious for delays, crowded cars, and accidents. Just in the last year, there have been at least three incidents. Take the SUV caught between two LIRR train tracks in Westbury recently. Ultimately, the SUV ended up wedged between the two trains, catching fire. The SUV’s occupant was killed. Or the derailed LIRR after it was sideswiped by a working locomotive in Montauk. At the time, 32 passengers were aboard, […]

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NY Subway Accidents and the MTA’s Duty of Care

In a subway system that sees more than five million riders a day, accidents are bound to happen. Earlier this year, one such accident claimed the life of a local pizza maker. The New York Times coverage of this chilling story of a man pulled into the subway tunnel by a train only reignited concerns about the safety of the subway system and questions about the MTA’s duty of care. An Unexplained Accident in Grand […]

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New York Bus Accidents: Some Common Causes

Buses are ubiquitous in New York, and many New Yorkers rely on them to get around. However, they’re big, they’re heavy, and they’re making their way through some of the most crowded streets in the country. So, yes they are prone to accidents. Moreover, the accidents are frequently more serious than an auto accident due to the size and weight of buses. For example, more than a dozen people were recently injured in a bus […]

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New York Ferry Injuries Can Be Serious – Know Your Rights

Ferries in New York serve many purposes. Tourists take the ferry to navigate the rivers and enjoy a great photo opportunity. Commuters from New Jersey and surrounding areas depend on ferries to get to work on time. In fact, these days so many people want to take the ferry that the city has had to make an effort to increase the size of ferry boats and add more routes.   How many people?   Over […]

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Know the Two Types of NYC Public Transportation Accident Lawsuits

On Sept. 18, three people were killed and 16 were injured when two buses crashed in Queens at around 6:00 am. One bus was a city bus, the other a tour bus. The city bus was driven by a long-term employee of the MTA. The city bus driver turned right and crashed with the tour bus. During the accident the buses spun, and authorities say that speed may have been a factor. The three victims […]

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Why It’s Safer to Ride the Bus in New York City

As New Yorkers, we’re pretty lucky to have a public transportation system that can get us from Point A to Point B in a decent amount of time – no matter how far away in our city those points are. Compared to other cities around the country, more people here prefer to use public transportation to get around instead of a car, and for many different reasons. Let’s talk about buses specifically. Not only are […]

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