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Justice for Victims of Train Accidents

Train accidents are devastating incidents that can cause significant physical, emotional, and financial harm to victims and their families. In the aftermath of such accidents, seeking justice becomes a vital pursuit. Understanding the concepts of liability and legal recourse is crucial for victims to navigate the complex legal landscape and obtain the compensation they deserve.  Determining Liability in Train Accidents Determining liability in train accidents requires a thorough investigation to identify the responsible parties. Various […]

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NY Train Accidents: How is Negligence Established?

New York has a lot of trains. From the subways in New York City to the commuter rails in other parts of the state, all those trains add up to a lot of tracks – and a lot of opportunities for accidents and injuries to occur. If you are injured in a New York train accident, what can you do? How do you establish who is responsible for the accident so you can get the […]

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NY Railroad Accidents Don’t Happen Often, But When They Do…

Personal injury settlements are often complex. If the case involves a railroad, it becomes even more so. You may think of railroad accidents and injuries as uncommon, but, like any other form of transportation, railroad accidents can and do occur – and people get hurt. In fact, a recent railroad accident on Long Island highlights just how terribly trainwrecks can go. A vehicle that bypassed crossing gates was hit by a train, killing three people. […]

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Injured on an NYC One-Person Train Operation? How It Changes Your Case

The city’s efforts are an attempt to maintain services in order to help health care workers and those that operate essential businesses get where they need to be as safe as possible. One tactic in their strategy is paring down to one-person train operations. What essential workers need to remember as they risk their lives traveling to and from work: Train accident liability laws are still in full effect. These laws are meant to protect […]

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Why Do LIRR Accidents Happen?

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is notorious for delays, crowded cars, and accidents. Just in the last year, there have been at least three incidents. Take the SUV caught between two LIRR train tracks in Westbury recently. Ultimately, the SUV ended up wedged between the two trains, catching fire. The SUV’s occupant was killed. Or the derailed LIRR after it was sideswiped by a working locomotive in Montauk. At the time, 32 passengers were aboard, […]

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NY Subway Accidents and the MTA’s Duty of Care

In a subway system that sees more than five million riders a day, accidents are bound to happen. Earlier this year, one such accident claimed the life of a local pizza maker. The New York Times coverage of this chilling story of a man pulled into the subway tunnel by a train only reignited concerns about the safety of the subway system and questions about the MTA’s duty of care. An Unexplained Accident in Grand […]

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Hurt on a Train? Our Accident Lawyers Explain Train Accident Liability

Consider these recent stories of train accidents. In June, one person was killed after being struck by a train in East Rochester. Only three days before, a 22-year-old man was killed by a train in Perinton. In July, one person was killed by a commuter train in Long Island. In South Carolina earlier this year, an Amtrak passenger train crashed into a parked freight train. If you were hurt in a train accident like one […]

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Amtrak Train Accident at NYC Penn Station

Amtrak Train Accident At about 9:00 AM on March 24, an Amtrak train accident complicated many commuters’ mornings in New York City’s Penn Station. The Amtrak train, travelling from Boston to Washington, D.C., derailed shortly after departing the station. The train exited Penn Station at a low speed when the front cars lurched and derailed, according to officials from Amtrak. The derailment allowed a New Jersey Transit train to sideswipe the Amtrak train, breaking windows and scraping […]

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