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What Happens When Auto Accidents Become Fatal in New York?

When a particularly tragic auto accident occurs, we are all reminded of not only how quickly lives can be taken, but also how horrific a bad accident can really be.   You may have seen this recent story on the news: two off-duty NYPD officers were driving in the Bronx when their car flipped multiple times off of a traffic circle and caught fire. Both the images from the crash and witness testimonies are absolutely […]

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Cops Use Pepper Spray and Flash Grenades on Inauguration Protesters

The weekend of the Inauguration was anything but quiet.   While there were no arrests made during the worldwide Women’s March, Inauguration Day protests did not go quite as smoothly. You have probably seen videos of violence from both protesters and police. Throughout the afternoon, there were small pockets of protesters responsible for smashing the windows of large banks, and some protesters also reportedly threw rocks and bricks at officers.   All told, over 200 […]

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There Are Serious Risks Attached to Testosterone Therapy

A dip in testosterone can have serious effects on a man’s personality. Testosterone affects other aspects of his behavior besides the obvious dip in sex drive. Men who have experienced low testosterone, known as “Low T,” may also experience low energy and desire in general. Because of this, many men turn to testosterone therapy in order to get themselves back on their feet.   The only problem is, this testosterone therapy may cause more trouble […]

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Why New Yorkers Should Take Slip and Falls Seriously

People slip and fall all the time, whether it’s because we trip over something, we’re running too fast, or we’re just plain clumsy. Because of this, we tend to think of falls as embarrassing accidents and not very serious.   In some cases, though, this is a big mistake. Some slip and falls can result in serious injuries that lead to high medical bills and time lost at work. Moreover, sometimes our “clumsiness” can be […]

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Ramarley Graham Wrongful Death Suit

Ramarley Graham, the black teen fatally shot by the NYPD in 2012, is in the news again. This time, there is controversy over the resignation of the cop who shot him. The family believes more action should have been taken against the cop. Up to now, the only recourse the family of Ramarley Graham received was a $3.9 million wrongful death settlement. So, what is wrongful death and how does one successfully file a suit? Wrongful […]

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How Assumption of Risk Complicates Sports Injury Cases

Between the March Madness and the beginning of baseball season, sports are on everyone’s mind. Still, as fun as sports are to play, the risk of injury is high. However, many people want to file personal injury lawsuits when they sustain injury while playing sports. Unfortunately, the assumption of risk complicates these cases. Assumption of Risk Assumption of risk, or assumed risk, describes situations where you intentionally agree to an activity that you know could lead to injury. An example of […]

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Workplace Violated OSHA and You Got Hurt? What You Can Do

  Whether you work on a construction site, at a retail store, or you are stuck in a cubicle all day, you have probably seen posters with the name “OSHA” on them. You also may have had to skim through contracts or procedures at meetings about OSHA’s policies for safety in the workplace.   Despite this, most people don’t give a whole lot of thought to OSHA. It’s just another workplace regulation that’s in the […]

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Why It’s a Risk to Drive on St. Patrick’s Day in New York

  It’s not easy to get around New York City on St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you’re not anywhere near Manhattan, the sheer amount of people in the city on a popular bar-hopping holiday can make the subways congested, the roads unsafe – and the price of taxis or Ubers skyrocket.   While surge charges for rideshare apps can make you choke on your drink, though, paying a few extra bucks for a ride is […]

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When is a Nursing Home Held Liable?

Nursing homes provide a safe place for elderly loved ones to enjoy their retirement under the care of professionals. But sometimes, nursing homes are not always as safe as they should be. When accidents and injuries occur in nursing homes, who does the legal responsibility fall on? Since injuries can arise from several different factors, liability can fall on a number of individuals. When is a Nursing Home Held Liable? Nursing homes owe to their […]

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Injured By a Holiday Present? It May Not Be Your Fault

  Opening a gift from a loved one and discovering that they got you the thing that you wanted is a fantastic feeling. Unfortunately, that feeling can quickly shift to fear, pain, and anger if you get hurt using the dream gift in question.   Which brings us to Cuisinart.   If you’ve ever had to cook a big holiday meal, you know how useful food processors are. They slice the painstaking time it takes […]

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